How to Maintain Measurement Accuracy of Torque Wrench Verifier

I believe that the majority of users know that the torque wrench verification instrument is a precision measurement instrument. If it is operated improperly, the measurement accuracy will be inaccurate, and the torque wrench test instrument will be damaged. The torque wrench verification instrument is also not cheap. So how do we operate to maintain the accuracy of the torque wrench tester? If you want to know the accuracy of maintaining the torque wrench tester, you can continue to look down:
To maintain the measurement accuracy of the torque wrench tester, the following points must be noted during use:
1: Do not use more than torque wrench tester allows large load torque, so as not to damage the instrument;
2: Do not tap or place heavy objects on the torque wrench tester display board
3: When not in use, use the zero adjustment knob to make the instrument display at “0000” position (ie display “0000”) and turn off the power;
5: Very sensitive to environmental conditions, avoid using torque wrench tester in the following places
1 There are splashes of water, oil or other liquids, and mists covering high acid and alkali aerosols;
2 Places where dust, hot air is filled, and vibrations occur;
3 outdoors or in places where there are discharge phenomena;
4 places with high humidity or high temperature environment (work environment humidity 25% -65%, working environment temperature: 15-40°C); 5 places under electromagnetic interference working environment conditions;
6 Any other location that may cause malfunction or accuracy distortion;
6: Do not open the back cover to verify various components, or do it for other reasons;
7: Do not loosen the screws that hold the test head. This will reduce the resolution;
8: Do not throw, throw, fall and collide, or use rough, it is a precision measuring instrument will be damaged;
9: Do not store the torque wrench tester in a place with high humidity or high cold, which will make the inside of the instrument easy to get water droplets and degrade its function.
10: In order to make better use of the torque wrench tester product, it is necessary to conduct a test and correction once a year.
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