Intelligent electricity safety management system in actual use

Beijing Lebird is committed to the development and application of smart and safe electricity, and has developed the Leighton Cloud 119 Smart Fire Cloud Platform with its own property rights. Can this smart electricity safety management system actually be applied to those areas?

1. The smart electricity safety management system can be used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, bars and other entertainment venues to conduct electrical fire monitoring and prevention in these places.

2. The smart electricity safety management system can be applied to welfare institutions, nursing homes and other welfare organizations to monitor and prevent electrical fires in these facilities.

3. Monitoring and early prevention of electrical fires in locations where various dangerous chemicals are stored, produced, and operated.

4. The system should be used to monitor and prevent the occurrence of electrical fires in areas where personnel are relatively dense and where the use of electrical appliances is relatively concentrated.

5, industrial manufacturing, furniture, textiles and other labor-intensive enterprises and similar spraying, ammonia and other related companies, should use the system to monitor and prevent electrical fires.

6. The system should also be used in hospitals, schools, banks, and other organizations to prevent electrical fires to protect the lives and property of people.

The smart electricity safety management system can be applied to various industries in various fields in practice at present, so long as there is a need for electrical fire prevention, the system can be used.

Curing Agent for One Component Polyurethane System

Curing agent for one component polyurethane system is aliphatic polyisocyanate based on hexomthylene diisocyanate.

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