Knock Bluetooth Padlock Provides Next-Generation Security

FUZ Design has launched a new Bluetooth padlock this week, which is the world's first to provide next-generation security, you can use it to get started and property. The new Bluetooth padlock named Nock is the world's first Bluetooth lock, you can share access and allow access to your friends or family. Check out the video to learn more about the innovative features that this new generation padlock will bring.
The Nock padlock project, currently on the Kickstarter website, seeks to raise $100,000 to jump the concept to production. Its creator explained: "The keys have been used to fight for centuries. But the keys are the same problem because they are not coming back. They are easily lost, stolen and are a painful share if You share, you have to get them back. Sharing the portfolio has its own set of questions. In FUZ's design, we think it is time to deal with these issues and we will create Nock. By using Nock and your smartphone, you will Always have easy access to all important things in your life. In addition, you can easily share, securely and reliably access your property." So if you feel that Nock Padlock can benefit from it, please visit The Kickstarter website now promises and helps the Nock Padlock become a reality.