It is expected that the penetration rate of LED lighting will be expected to rise faster.

US retail giant Walmart announced in October 2013 that its LED bulb own brand GreatValue, replacing the traditional 60-watt LED bulb with a minimum price of 8.88 US dollars, CREE will not be outdone to announce its bulb through ENERGYSTAR (USA) ENERGY STAR (Certificate of Energy) certification, each bulb can return up to 5 US dollars, CREE in March 2013 to replace the 60-watt bulb lamp offer of 12.97 and 13.97 US dollars respectively, the price is expected to fall below 10 dollars.
The market originally expected that CREE will release the second generation of simplified LED bulbs, and then reduce the price of LED bulbs, while Walmart rushed to lower its LED bulb prices before CREE launched a new generation of products, replacing 60 The LED bulb lamp products officially came under the US$10, which is considered a sweet spot by the market. The market believes that GE, which has deep cooperation with Walmart, is also expected to follow up the price, and the penetration rate of LED lighting is expected to be available. Hope to rise faster.
CREE, which is the key player in driving the rapid growth of LED lighting penetration in 2013, also announced that it has passed the ENERGYSTAR certification. ENERGYSTAR certification will provide energy subsidies. Each bulb can return up to USD 5 for consumers. If CREE is launched in March 2013, it will be replaced. The traditional 60-watt bulbs are priced at 12.97 and 13.97 US dollars respectively. After the subsidy amount, the estimated price will be expected to fall below 10 dollars, which is quite different from Walmart.

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