Hebei Shengtian Pipe Group Technology to explain three joints knowledge

The three-way joint is a kind of pipe fittings, and its connection form is directly welding the three-way pipe with the steel pipe. It is widely used in the current application, but many users do not know much about their relevant knowledge. Here's a brief introduction for you. :

One. Three kinds of joints:

1, according to the diameter of the pipe fittings are generally equal diameter three links, reducing three links and so on.

2. There are three positive and three oblique links in the branch direction.

3, according to the material is divided into carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, three links copper, pvc and other three links.

4. According to the connection mode, there are ordinary three links, thread three links, card sleeve three links and socket three links.

5. The three-way method is as follows: For equal-diameter three-way, such as "T6" three-way, it means that the outer diameter is a 6-inch equal-diameter three-way.

Two. Three-way joint production process:

The three-way joint is formed by squeezing the pipe blank larger than the diameter of the three-way pipe to approximately the diameter of the three-way pipe. A hole is formed in the portion of the pipe to be stretched; the pipe blank is heated and placed in a forming die, and is installed in the pipe blank. Into the drawing of the die of the branch tube; under pressure, the tube blank is radially compressed. During the radial compression, the metal flows in the direction of the branch tube and forms a branch under the stretching of the punch. The entire process is formed by the radial compression of the tube and the stretching process at the branch. Different from the hydraulic bulging tee, the metal of the three-way joint branch is compensated by the radial movement of the blank, so it is also called the radial compensation process.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the three-way joint that I share with you. I hope that the above sharing will help you. If you have any questions, please contact our company. We will provide you with timely and comprehensive services.

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