Big Tooth Company achieved new breakthroughs in monthly sales

Recently, Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. Datong Gear Co., Ltd. has heard good news. The company's single-month production and sales of commercial vehicle transmissions in January 2018 increased by 84.31% year-on-year and completed the task index. The single-month sales revenue reached 125 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 64.55%.
Big Tooth Company achieved new breakthroughs in monthly sales Big Tooth Company achieved new breakthroughs in monthly sales

According to reports, in accordance with the task goal decomposition, Datong Gear Co., Ltd. in January to complete the production and sales of commercial vehicle transmission 12979 Taiwan, engine gear and construction machinery products 143653, an increase of 32.36%. In the face of an unusually heavy single-month production and operation task, the company has been innovating and pursuing change, carefully planning and deploying, and has taken various measures to tackle the tasks of production and sales. According to the trend of the market, we estimate and assess product demand in advance, issue orders for product orders, and generate production operation plans in a timely manner. In the procurement of materials, we first generate production purchase orders according to production operation plans and establish necessary reserves of outsourcing purchased parts; manufacturing system rigidity. The “3+ 2+5” production operation plan was precisely implemented, and “zero inventory” and “one-piece flow” operations were adopted. The production was strictly performed every day, and the daily clearing day ended.

At the same time, with the goal of improving the quality of products, Dajiao vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening quality and quantified the goal of upgrading to provide users with no box-opening services. Based on the needs of users and OEMs, it planned to provide users with operability. Box service plan to improve product brand influence. Strict implementation of operational quality assessment, regular monitoring of indicators, qualitative assessment, to find gaps, develop improvement measures, and constantly improve customer satisfaction and brand gold content, to ensure quality assurance, security delivery, business indicators to achieve a good start.


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Shoe covers, also known as shoe covers, are commonly used dust-proof protection products to facilitate guests without taking off their shoes and to achieve environmental pollution. According to their materials, they are classified into: PE shoe covers, non-woven shoe covers, CPE shoe covers, cloth shoe covers , Anti-static shoe covers, flannel shoe covers, rain shoe covers, non-slip shoe covers.
The characteristic of disposable shoe covers is that they are easy to use, and have a wide range of applications, different materials, and corresponding functions. They are anti-skid, anti-static and dust-proof. Disposable shoe covers have become a new generation of household products.

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