Basic work content of the concentrator plan management

Foundation work beneficiation plant involves a broader management plan, are:
1. Original record: The original record is the most realistic record of the production of technical and economic activities by number or text. It is the most basic and most frequent basic work, and it is the first-hand information for investigation and research. The role is: timely, correct and comprehensive reflection of the original dynamics of mineral processing and production activities, is the basis for the statistics, accounting and accounting of the mineral processing plant, but also the basis for production, technology, equipment and other management personnel to understand the production situation and improve the work. Whether the original record is complete and correct is of great significance to plan management, scientific organization and production, and correct economic accounting.
2. Measurement Work: the beneficiation of gold production and transfer of materials containing links to accurate measurement, such as the transfer of ore into the plant, concentrate factory, gold-bearing materials, finished gold measurement are not allowed, mineral production is starting to distortion to the metal Balance, material strengthening measurement work, measuring equipment is complete, and designated personnel to carry out regular maintenance, inspection and correction.
3. Quota work: The quota is the standard that should be observed and achieved in the production and management activities of mineral processing in a certain production technology and normal production organization. It is a kind of quota expressed by quantity and quality. It is a scientific basis for preparing plans and checking the implementation of plans. It is a powerful tool for implementing distribution according to work, supervising various materials consumption, implementing economic accounting and carrying out labor competitions. The basis of management.
4. Statistical analysis: Statistics is the principle and method of using statistics, classifying and summarizing various original records, discovering problems, formulating improvement measures, and providing all necessary raw data for planning management to guide the production of the concentrator. Activity, so statistical analysis is the basis for planning.
5. Intelligence work: The production of modern mineral processing plants, due to the increasing degree of socialization, the internal and external factors are changing at any time, which has a great impact on the mineral processing and production activities, so that the mineral processing plant can adapt to this change in time. Must pay attention to strengthening intelligence work.

 Plastic Extruder / Extrusion Machine / extruding equipment 
Product application of pvc pipe conical twin screw extruding machine

SJSZ series conical twin screw stem extruder is composed of barrel screw, gear transmission system, measurable feeding, vacuum deareating, heating, cooling and electric control components ect. It is mainly used in plasticizing, extruding and forming of PVC pipes, plates, sheets, film , profiles, and granules, ect.

High recovery rate PET plastic Pellet Machine

1. Description
Twin screw extruder recycling & pelletizing system are applied to the waste materials,which needs high processing performance of melting,volatilization,filtering etc.,mainly works for the job of PET scraps recycling and re-pelletizing.
To slow down IV value reducing during PET scraps recycling,not only impurities,such as PVC content,moisture,etc.,but also precise recycling system and reliable equipment configurations are necessary to put in the solution. 
2. Pre-processing equipment required according to the condition of various PET scraps;
Special designed compactor applied to handle low bulk density scraps,such as film,filament,etc
Pre-crystallization system is required to pre-dry PET regrinds,flakes to guarantee final productions quality.
Main technical parameter:
Machinery Size Data of Compactor Data of twin screw extruder Throughout rate(Kg/hr)
Efficiency Volume(Liter) Motor power(Kw) Diameter of screw(mm) L/D Motor power(Kw)
ACT800/75 800 90 71.2 36 132 350-450
ACT1000/95 1000 110 91 36 200 500-600
ACT1200/95 1200 132 91 36 250 600-800

Plastic Extrusion And Recovery Equipment

Twin-Screw Extruder, Double Screw Extrusion Machine, Pipe Extrusion Line Pet Waste Bottle Recycling Pelletizing Machine, Pet Pelletizing Machine, Pet Flake Pelletizing Machine

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