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Zipper Bag Blowing Machine

  • Product Name:  Zipper Bag Blowing Machine
  • Model NO.:  ZIP-55
  • Product Details:  Zipper Bag Blowing Machine

 Zipper Bag Blowing Machine

 The performance characteristics of Local integrated design of similar foreign products advantages of strong plastic to high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) for raw materials, production folder chain bag of special equipment, their products are widely used in food, clothing, medicines, metal parts, accessories, daily necessities Such as packaging, the main folder chain bag products: general folder chain bag packaging, color folder chain bag, double bag saddle, cold storage folder chain bag sealed bags and so on, the unit production Sandwich chain with a bag opening and closing of convenience, high fastness ,   the tightness and strong advantages.

 LDPE materials
 Production out of 10 ~ 30kg
 Bag width Blow 100 ~ 580mm
 0.04 ~ 0.15mm thick film
 Diameter membrane lose φ550mm
 Screw diameter φ65mm
 Screw 28:1 aspect ratio
 Heating 15kw
 Whole power 30kw
 Size 6000 X 1200 X 4500mm

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