How to choose explosion-proof infrared camera lens

Explosion-proof infrared cameras can be monitored 24 hours a day, day or night. In some special locations, 24-hour non-stop monitoring is required. Moreover, there is evidence that the incidence of certain things in the dark is much higher than during the day, so it is more necessary to monitor and it is more desirable to achieve better results.
The camera lens is the first threshold for the image to enter the explosion-proof infrared camera. It is the key equipment of the explosion-proof infrared camera. Its quality and quality directly affect the imaging effect of the explosion-proof monitoring system. Therefore, choosing the right camera lens is crucial for the entire explosion-proof camera imaging effect. .
1, explosion-proof infrared camera lens is the most important issue is complete. The angle of the infrared lamp must be the same as the angle of the camera lens. If the angle of view is different, the acquired data will show symptoms such as dead angle blur. The perspective of the lens needs to be selected according to the monitoring location. In addition to choosing infrared lamps, cameras, and lenses, we must also pay attention to the complete consideration of the protective cover, power supply, etc.
2, if you can choose the lens, it is best to choose infrared lens. Due to the ordinary optical lens, the infrared light reflected from the object back to the lens can not be effectively focused on the CCD target surface. At this time, the infrared night vision effect will be greatly reduced, especially in the day and night when the conversion is due to the different focus and area, This leads to a different degree of clarity and infrared lenses have a much smaller impact on this aspect.
3, the lens resolution and light transmittance to meet the requirements, these will affect the final light and video effects.
4. If the monitoring distance is more than 1km, laser beam expander collimation lens is needed. According to the size and distance of the scene to be observed, an appropriate laser beam expanding and collimating lens is selected so that the laser beam can illuminate the scene to be monitored so that the reflected light of the monitoring scene can be received by the camera; mainly, sufficient light propagation is ensured. Arrival rate.
5, the imaging size of the lens should be consistent with the camera CCD target surface size; otherwise it is difficult to get the best results even if the focal length is adjusted.
6, the best choice for automatic aperture lens to adapt to changes in day and night illumination. Daytime and nighttime lighting and focal lengths are different.

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