Application of Soil Testing and Formula Fertilizing Instrument in Formula Fertilizing Measures by Rape Soil Testing

Camellia has a long history of cultivation in Lishui City. Although Camellia oleifera has a large area of ​​operation, low yield and low efficiency are the biggest obstacles to the development of Camellia oleifera. The comprehensive promotion of soil testing and fertilizer application is one of the key measures for high yield cultivation of Camellia oleifera. This requires the determination of soil composition, analysis of the structure of soil fertility, and formula fertilization according to the growth characteristics of Camellia oleifera. In the process of analyzing the rapeseed soil composition, the application of the soil testing and formulating fertilizer applicator is very effective, and the formula fertilization can be performed according to the measured results, thereby improving the soil fertility.

The implementation of measures related to soil testing and formula fertilization requires a series of support. The first is to expand publicity, strengthen training, change concepts, and increase the intensity and scope of implementation. Through further strengthening publicity and training, forest farmers have established the awareness of scientific fertilization, making soil testing and formula fertilization an urgent desire and conscious action for the majority of oil tea cultivation professionals. Through encouragement of township agricultural technology extension technicians and science and technology commissioners to actively participate in soil testing and formula fertilization at various bases, a joint accountability system for oil tea cultivation was established so that soil testing and fertilizer application can be implemented in three phases: personnel implementation, area implementation, and work implement.

The second is to establish and improve long-term effective mechanisms and special management mechanisms. Soil testing and formula fertilization involve multi-sectoral and multi-linkages, in which formula R&D, testing and technical guidance have significant public welfare, and belong to the service sector at all levels of government and agricultural technology departments. Therefore, it is necessary to implement central and In the tea and tea plantation construction projects invested by local finance, a special fund for soil testing and formula fertilization was established, and soil testing and fertilizer application were vigorously promoted. The establishment of a special fund for soil testing and formula fertilization is an important link to ensure the construction of a high-yielding cultivation science and technology system for oil tea, an effective measure to improve the work placement rate, and an important way to help forest farmers actively carry out soil testing and fertilizer application.

The third is the production and supply of formula fertilizer in soil testing, formula fertilization, and it has obvious operational characteristics and is a market behavior. Therefore, in advancing this work, it is necessary to clarify the public welfare, that is, the government and the agricultural technology promotion department must undertake public welfare functions to guide and carry out this work; at the same time, we must consider the operational nature of the government at all levels. Further improve the soil testing, fertilizer, and fixed-point enterprises. The bidding method actively guides, encourages, and supports more fertilizer production and operation companies, especially powerful large- and medium-sized enterprises, to participate in formula fertilizer production and marketing, encourage and support fertilizer companies to use chain, supermarkets, distribution, and other modern logistics methods to build grassroots Fertilizer direct supply network. Strengthen the organic integration of enterprises and agricultural technology promotion systems, and vigorously promote soil testing and fertilizer application.

In the process of soil testing formulations, the application of soil testing and fertilizer application is necessary, so that scientific data can be referenced, and it will be more scientific and accurate, and it can play an important role in soil testing and fertilizer application.