·The joint venture plan was approved and Keliyuan and Yunnei Power cooperated to further

Hunan Keyi Yuanxin Energy Co., Ltd. (SH.600478) recently announced that its China Hybrid Powertrain System Technology Platform (hereinafter referred to as "CHS Company") and China The Yunnan Yunnei Power Group, a leading diesel engine company, signed an agreement to establish a joint venture company, which has been approved by the Kunming SASAC. This means that the establishment of the joint venture company will enter into substantive operation.
According to the contents of the agreement, CHS and Yunnei Power cooperated to establish Wuxi Tongrun Hybrid Power Technology Co., Ltd. (tentatively, subject to the industrial and commercial registration), with a registered capital of 600 million yuan, of which: 51% in the cloud ;CHS company holds 49%.
The cooperation between the two parties will focus on the diesel deep hybrid system. By developing the HT3800 and promoting the application of the HT1800 and HT2800 systems in the diesel engine field, the products are suitable for light trucks, MPVs, pickups, SUVs, light passengers, micro-cards, and CMB. This area is seen as a blue ocean for the energy and new energy vehicle market.
According to the "Notice on the Implementation of the Fifth Stage Motor Vehicle Emission Standards" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, all diesel heavy trucks must comply with the requirements of the National Five Standards from July 1, 2017. All diesel light trucks must comply with the National Five Standards from January 1, 2018. Claim.
A long-term concern of a fund manager of Keliyuan Company believes that with the implementation of the new stage fuel limit, most domestic auto brands have huge fuel consumption pressure, and Yunnei Power has obvious technical advantages in diesel engines, and the same displacement. The diesel engine has a more fuel-efficient effect than the gasoline engine. Together with the strong mixing technology of the CHS output, it will have a significant fuel-saving effect and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of its high-end products.
Keliyuan said that the signing of the joint venture agreement is in line with the company's strategic development direction, prompting the two parties to establish a win-win strategic partnership based on complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development, which is beneficial to the effective integration of resources between the two parties. Product cooperation and marketing are widely carried out in the field of energy vehicles, especially diesel/gas engines.
At the same time, after the approval of the Kunming SASAC, the formation of the joint venture company will accelerate. CHS also stated in the previous announcement that it will sign the Entrusted Development Contract and the Technology License Agreement with the newly established joint venture company in accordance with the principles agreed in the agreement. In the performance of the above agreement, Keliyuan expects to increase revenue by 60 million to 80 million yuan.
It is worth noting that the two parties also agreed to implement effective incentives for the project R&D team in the previous announcement. CHS intends to transfer 10% of the amount of the first-time paid-in capital (150 million yuan) to the project R&D team (specific plan CHS) The company will prepare it separately at that time). Yunnei agreed to cooperate with the support of CHS and implement the incentive plan in accordance with the relevant approval process. If the company's future listing or mergers and acquisitions and other matters occur, the two parties agree that the equity held by the R&D team has the priority to withdraw. The analysis believes that this mechanism innovation is expected to maximize the enthusiasm of the team and accelerate the technology R&D and listing cycle.

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