Feldspar Beneficiation Process - Case Analysis

The feldspar mineral is the most important rock-forming mineral in nature, accounting for 50%~60~ of the composition of the crust mineral. The feldspar minerals are widely produced in rocks of various genetic types and are the main rock-forming minerals of magmatic and metamorphic rocks.

Because feldspar is a rock-forming mineral, it is difficult to separate from other minerals in most cases. Therefore, it has industrial significance of feldspar deposits, and only pegmatite deposits with large crystals and easy separation.

Not all feldspar mines can be used for us, and only after careful selection can we use feldspar better.

Here is a brief introduction to how to make feldspar beneficiation .

The main process is:

(1) High quality feldspar produced in pegmatite
Hand-selected crushed ore (or water mill) graded product

(2) Feldspar in weathered granite
Washing and crushing grinding graded flotation (except iron , mica ; quartz , feldspar separation) dehydration products

(3) feldspar in fine-grained rock (generally containing mica, iron, etc.)
Broken grinding ore screening magnetic separation

(4) feldspar sand mine
Water-eluting mud screening (or flotation separation of quartz, etc.)

Examples of feldspar beneficiation:

Hubei Changshi Mine

The main minerals are: micro-plagioclase (39.9%), albite (19.6%), quartz (32.8%), mica (7.8%), containing a small amount of schist debris, garnet and continuum minerals.

Test recovery: feldspar, quartz and mica
The test flow is shown in Figure 1. Test indicators: K2O and Na2O content increased from 7.27% to 12.12%; Fe2O3 decreased from 0.42% to 0.15%

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