Major development breakthroughs in electric vehicles are counting on mass production of graphene? LION invests in new technology BEGO

According to foreign media reports, General Motors, the US company FMC (FMC Corporation), Magna International, Pretium Resources, Global X Lithium Battery Technology ETF (Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF) is working on graphene and graphite materials research and innovation .

Graphene characteristics

Graphene is the world's thinnest material with excellent performance and can be stripped from graphite by a professional process. Graphene has high durability and toughness, more than 200 times that of steel, but its weight is extremely light. It is regarded as the most powerful lightweight material in the world. Its color is transparent and its conductivity is much better than that of brass. If graphene is used, it is not only conductive, but also has almost zero resistance and no heat loss. It is a good superconductor.

The above performance characteristics of lithium batteries to new heights, thus promoting the technological breakthrough of electric vehicles, the use of graphene, electric vehicle charging faster, endurance mileage is bound to be higher. But the only problem is that graphene production is still very low. Graphite itself is very cheap, but graphene is difficult to produce. In 2004, scientists isolated graphene from graphite, and researchers and companies are exploring new ways to achieve low-cost mass production of graphene materials.

电动车重大发展突破指望石墨烯量产? LION为新工艺投资BEGO

For this reason, various methods have emerged in an endless stream, such as electro-chemically, ultrasonic and microwave. Another method is also promising, using bio-electro chemical industrial process to obtain, currently a small company in Hong Kong BEGO has taken the lead in this technology.

LION invests in BEGO new process

Unlike the electrochemical processes used by some competitors or the costly synthesis process, BEGO's process can be operated at room temperature without heating, heating or providing a vacuum environment. To this end, BEGO said that the company can produce graphene in a safe and clean environment at a relatively low price.

Global Li-Ion Graphite Corporation (LION; GBBGF) is very optimistic about the process and decided to invest in BEGO. On October 25, 2017, LION announced a memorandum of cooperation with BEGO to hold a 16% stake in the company. In addition, LION also holds a 49% stake in BEGO Energy Storage.

电动车重大发展突破指望石墨烯量产? LION为新工艺投资BEGO

Future expectations for graphite materials

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the demand for graphite will rise sharply. According to UBS, the demand for graphite may double in the next few years, but prices are still low. Graphite may be the same as lithium and cobalt, and the price will double or triple in the future.

A number of companies pointed out that the realization of the mass production of graphene will become the key to boost the vigorous development of electric vehicles. Perhaps the era of electric vehicles in the future will be earlier than people expected.

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