Magnetic separation of iron ore calcined products

Anshan-type hematite occupy an important position in China's iron ore resources. The mineral composition in the ore is relatively simple. The main iron minerals are pseudo-hematite, hematite, magnetite, followed by specular iron ore, pyrite, and a small amount of limonite, goethite, siderite and Iron dolomite and so on. Gangue minerals quartz, followed by tremolite, amphiboles, actinolite, sericite, chlorite, calcite, and the like.

Jing Tieshan type iron ore also plays a certain role in iron ore resources. Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company beneficiation plant for disposal of this type of iron ore that is. The main iron minerals in the ore are specular iron, limonite and siderite. The main gangue minerals are barite , quartz, jasper and iron dolomite. The ore has two structures, strip and block, and is mainly strip-shaped. The size of the inlaid cloth between the iron minerals is small, granular or scaly, and there are rare minerals such as barite and siderite, so it is not difficult to break or dissociate.

The lump ore part of the above two types of ores generally enters the magnetization in the magnetization roaster, and the magnetized products are sorted by weak magnetic separation, and the fine ore is sorted by strong magnetic separation or flotation.

The production process of Jiugang Concentrator is shown in Figure 4-5 - 55. The roasting ore weak magnetic separation process is basically the same as the general magnetic separation process. The principle flow is shown in Figure 4-5-56. In the process, there are occasional re-selection devices such as spiral chutes and cyclones.

(4) Strong magnetic separation of weak magnetic iron minerals

Due to the continuous development of the new strong magnetic separator, it has become possible to process weak magnetic ore, especially iron oxide ore, on a large scale by magnetic separation alone. However, in some cases, magnetic separation still needs to be combined with other beneficiation methods to achieve sorting purposes and requirements.

The Jones wet magnetic separator has been used extensively for the magnetic separation of iron oxide ore. Brazil, Norway, Liberia, Canada, Spain, the United States, Sweden and other countries have used German Humboldt DP317 Jones magnetic separator to sort iron oxide ore. China's Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company Concentrator, Daye Iron Ore Dressing Plant and Hainan Iron Ore Dressing Plant use SHP type wet magnetic separator made in China to sort iron oxide ore.

Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company's concentrator uses two stages of continuous grinding and weak magnetic separation to process 0 ~ 10mm powder ore. After one or two stages of grinding and grading, the fine ore is slag-removed with Φ1.0m cylinder sieve, and the magnetic magnetic separator is selected by Φ1050mm X 2100mm magnetic magnetic separator. The tailings are further treated with SHP 3.2m double-disc magnetic separator. A rough selection and two sweeps are selected, as shown in Figure 4-5-57.

(5) Magnetic selection of vanadium- containing titanium magnetite

Vanadium-titanium magnetite ore belongs to the ore of the late magma segregation deposit. Granularity inlay characteristics

In terms of mineral magnetic properties, this type of ore is the object of magnetic separation. At present, it has a certain scale of production in China and abroad, and has a broad development prospect. In addition to magnetite, the ore is associated with useful elements such as ilmenite and vanadium cobalt nickel . Most of the gangue minerals are gabbro.

Our Panzhihua metallurgical mining company is processing vanadium-titanium magnetite. The main metallic minerals are titanium magnetite ore, ilmenite, and a small amount maghemite, limonite, goethite, sulfur cobaltite, sulfur, nickel and cobalt ore, copper ore and yellow ink copper and the like. Gangue minerals titanium augite, plagioclase, followed olivine, amphibole titanium, small amounts of chlorite, serpentine like.

The company uses a closed-circuit grinding and two-stage magnetic separation process to sort the magnetic ore, as shown in Figure 3-3-6, and combines other methods to recover titanium minerals and vanadium-cobalt-nickel minerals. The magnetic separation index is: original ore grade 30.81%, concentrate grade 51.59% 'tailing grade 14.17%, recovery rate 74.5%.

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