Sericite mineral processing technology

Our sericite resources are widely distributed in Shaanxi, Anhui, Hubei, Fujian, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia and other provinces. In terms of utilization and selected mineral sericite, our country has achieved much in recent years. Therefore, we will look at the specific process of sericite beneficiation according to the characteristics of the resources .

In general, China's sericite ore is mainly composed of sericite, pyrophyllite, quartz and a small amount of yellow, chlorite and calcite . There are many methods for sericite dressing , which are generally based on the mineral composition of the ore . Sericite often used in combination reselection beneficiation, flotation, or both. According to the research practice of sericite mineral processing in China, the sericite mineral processing method is specifically: after the grinding of the sericite ore , the material of +0.074mm (mainly quartz and other gangue) is removed, and then the foaming agent floats out of the easy-floating pyrophyllite mineral. . Plus xanthate flotation tailings surfaced section yellow, pyrite flotation tailings collector plus floated sericite thereby obtained crude concentrate. Re-dispersion sedimentation removes quartz and pyrite to obtain the final sericite concentrate . The sericite selected by this method also meets the quality standards of sericite in China. Iron ore iron ore

China's sericite resources are abundant , but compared with developed countries, sericite minerals have a small application range and low use. In particular, as a filler, there are many raw materials and few deep-processed products , so the potential value has not yet been fully realized. Therefore, China should further deepen its research on the sericite mineral processing technology . Only by solving these problems in a targeted manner can we make more rational use of resources, thus reflecting the prospects and great value of the utilization of sericite resources.

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