What are the types of manure removal machines?

The exhumation machine , as its name implies, is a machine that uses the power of machinery to perform work and pump out the excrement and excrement in the pool. Most of the friends who are less exposed to such machines are relatively unfamiliar with them. Today, Xiao Bian analyzes the types of such machines for everyone.


At present, China's domestic pumping manipulators are mainly divided into two types, namely vacuum pumps and augers. These two different types of machines have their own advantages and disadvantages when they work. For the scarcity of waste water and the absence of bulky items, we generally use vacuum pump-type machines. This is because such machines are low-priced and affordable. However, the main drawback is that they are easy to clog, so they need frequent cleaning and According to the actual situation. For the case of high impurity in the manure, we need to use auger-type manure remover. It will not easily cause plugging, but once it is turned on, its motor needs more horsepower to ensure the high-speed operation of the machine, so the whole process The cost is higher.

For the use of the manure extractor , we generally know that it is mainly used for sewage extraction and related manure extraction of the digester, and sometimes it is also used for the extraction of animal manure from the farm. At present, China's commonly used type of manure extraction machine is a wet and dry manure removal machine. This is a type of machine made with hot-dip galvanizing technology, which has strong corrosion resistance and long life. With this type of machine, we do not have to worry about being blocked by chicken feathers. Its greatest advantage is its low cost and efficient working speed. Generally, it can pump 1 cubic meter of manure in 1.5 minutes, and the efficiency is very obvious.

The manure removal machine is a very good operating machine, it replaces many of our labor force, and the effect is very obvious. Understanding the little common sense of this kind of machine is conducive to our initial familiarity with the main features of this type of machine, and better understanding of future contact or use.

Manure removal machine use

The manure extraction machine is generally used for the extraction of sewage, the extraction of manure from the digester, and the extraction of animal manure from the farm.

Wet and dry manure

1, using hot-dip galvanizing technology, corrosion resistance, long life. It will not be blocked by chicken feathers in the dung.

2, easy to move, work efficiently, low cost of use;

3, the machine can be excreted 1 cubic meter 1.5 minutes;

4. Viscous manure is also available. It is necessary to manually scoop the thick manure into the suction port. It is mainly used for the sale of animal excrement for fashion vehicles.

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