Cryogenic mills are favored by Chinese herbal medicine processing companies

The pulverizer is a machine that crushes a large-size solid raw material to a required size, and is composed of coarsely-crushed, finely-ground, pneumatically conveyed and other devices, and achieves the purpose of a pulverizer in the form of a high-speed impact. Mainly used in mining, building materials, herbal medicine processing and other industries.

At present, the main objective of the international development of the crushing industry is to improve the fineness while increasing the output, and to expand the scope of application, such as the development and application of fibrous, high hardness, toughness, viscosity and elastic material crushing. It is understood that the cryogenic crusher is currently the focus of research and development by many foreign manufacturers. In recent years, it has also been favored by Chinese herbal medicine processing companies.

The low-temperature crushing method mainly includes a low-temperature crushing process and a crushing process coexisting with a low-temperature normal temperature. The low-temperature pulverization refers to a process in which a substance cooled to a temperature at the embrittlement point is broken into particles or powders having a smaller particle diameter under the action of an external force. The cryogenic comminution technique ensures that the crushed material, such as natural products, can protect the tissue components from damage during the comminution process.

As early as the 1950s, cryogenic comminution has been widely used abroad, especially in the United States, Japan and other developed countries. In China, cryogenic comminution has been used in the processing of Chinese herbal medicines, especially in the crushing and processing of valuable Chinese herbal medicines. Low-temperature crushing can crush material that is difficult to crush at room temperature and can be widely used in various fields. However, at present, many crusher manufacturers in China have a late start, information and technology are still in the traditional stage, and there are fewer domestic crusher equipments that can keep up with the market demand.

Experts said that crushing materials is an important part of industrial processing. Especially in the field of Chinese medicine product processing, the effect of crushing has a direct impact on the quality of products, especially in the play of drug efficacy. Moreover, Chinese herbal medicines often contain varieties of herbs that are difficult to smash, and the significance of cryogenic comminution is even more significant.

According to industry insiders, currently the scale of domestic production enterprises is still generally small, and technology management and scale still remain in the traditional scattered state. The research of domestic cryogenic comminution technology lags far behind the developed level, especially in the field of crushing effect, temperature control, etc. The accuracy is still relatively weak, so it is difficult to meet the ever-increasing production standards.

The author was informed that the cryogenic crusher developed by Shandong Sanqing Stainless Steel Equipment Co., Ltd. has excellent characteristics and special properties, high crushing efficiency, strong crushing ability, 100% crushing without residue, and design according to GMP, and it meets the requirements of national drug and food standards. Made of stainless steel, precision coated, and capable of fine particle compounding and coating of two or more materials, high solid content homogenization and super emulsification operation, low-temperature durability crushing, fresh Chinese herbal medicine and animal fresh tissue Crush.

In recent years, the domestic comminution technology has been continuously developed, and the cryogenic comminution technology has also made significant progress. However, the current domestic technology level is not enough to meet the market's needs, and the domestic crushing equipment is seriously imitated, and the fisheye phenomenon often occurs. There are also many manufacturers exaggerating the crushing effect. Under the favorable conditions for the Chinese medicine industry, the low-temperature crushing equipment manufacturers should win the market with outstanding crushing effect and wide adaptability, learn from foreign advanced technologies and management, and adopt technological transformation to better meet market demands.

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