· 2016 power battery production increased by 82% year-on-year

According to the latest data from the Institute of Advanced Research, Lithium Power Research, the output of China's automotive power battery in 2016 was 30.8GWh, an increase of 82%.
Luo Huanta, Dean of the Industrial Engineering Research Institute, analyzed the reasons for the growth of power battery production: the national new energy vehicle production in 2016 increased by 37% year-on-year; some of the finished vehicles produced at the end of 2015 needed to be replenished; the parts produced in 2009-2013 The entire vehicle needs to be replaced with a battery.
From the technical route, the proportion of ternary power batteries in 2016 has increased significantly, from 23% in 2015 to 28% in 2016. Luo Huanta believes that the new version of subsidies will be affected by the energy density of the power battery pack. The proportion of ternary power batteries will continue to rise in 2017.
In terms of output value, the output value of China's automotive power battery (group) in 2016 was 64.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 69%. The growth rate of output value is less than the growth rate of production, because the proportion of ternary power batteries has increased. In addition, in the last two months of 2016, the price of power batteries dropped significantly.
In 2015, China's power battery was in short supply, and in 2016, many companies expanded production. The data shows that in 2016, the domestic power battery added capacity of 42GWh, which is 2.8 times that of 2015. Gaogong believes that due to the impact of the new version of the power battery specification in November 2016, the domestic power battery expansion will continue in 2017.

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