Shantui SE60-9 | Municipal garden expert

Small digging series SE60-9

Its refined appearance,

Flexible overall handling performance,

Perfectly adapt to the conditions of landscaping, rural land operations, urban construction and municipal construction

Model: SE60-9

Engine power: 36/2000 (kw/rpm)

Machine weight: 5960 (kg)

Bucket capacity: 0.18~0.22 (0.22) (m3)

High-end system configuration

Efficient turbocharged engine with powerful power, low fuel consumption and high altitude adaptability

Using internationally renowned hydraulic components, excellent performance and high reliability

The new load-sensitive hydraulic system, the cross-stage large displacement constant power variable pump matches the new generation of low pressure loss main valve, the whole machine has fast response, high efficiency, low energy consumption and smooth operation.

Rugged structural parts

The upper frame adopts modal analysis technology, which is sturdy and durable, effectively reducing machine vibration and reducing noise.

Comprehensively optimize the structural design, strengthen the key position of the force, no fear of bad conditions

The bucket bottom plate, side plate and reinforcing plate are made of high-strength wear-resistant material to improve the durability of the bucket.

Comfortable and convenient operating environment

Fully injection molded interior, effective color matching of interior colors according to ergonomics, not easy to cause operator's visual fatigue

High-intensity shaped pipe frame structure with cab, fire extinguisher, escape hammer, seat belt and other equipment, wide front and rear view, high work safety

High-power air conditioner, three-dimensional air outlet; suspension seat, two-stage rail adjustment; excellent shock absorption and noise reduction performance, perfect for comfortable driving

Highly reliable walking device

30 years of four-wheel development and manufacturing experience, industry high-end technology, excavator preferred

Mature high quality forging heat treatment process, stable and reliable quality

It is equipped with a roller of the same specification as the 7T grade, which is durable and long lasting.

Intelligent electronic control, optimal power control

Intelligent control system achieves high matching of power system and hydraulic system, improving work efficiency and reducing fuel consumption

A new generation of intelligent electronic control system that makes your machine work.

Preset P (reload mode), E (economy mode), A (auto mode), B (breaker mode) four working modes, easy to switch

Through the cloud platform, you can view the location, running track, working status and other related information of the vehicle at any time.

Convenient maintenance

The scrubber is placed on the left side of the nacelle for easy inspection and filling

Fully open hood, set positioning mechanism, light and safe to open, large engine compartment space, convenient maintenance

Electrical components are centrally located in the right front toolbox compartment for easy inspection and maintenance

Coolant filling, air filter replacement is within easy reach (this article is from Shantui)

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Structure features:
  It has adopted new design and compact structure affording good performances and high efficiency.
  The machine is made of manganese plate with cast iron base to work smoothly.Synchronou eltdrive and eccentric wheel make an efficient structure to extend its useful life.
Manual and pneumatic control makes an easy operation.
The charging system motor single driving makes sure of milling after charging.
The grinding roller bearing is dismantled easily by hydraulic pressure instead of manual hammering,so that it can keep a fine precision

Double Flour Mill

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