6 main pavers are fully upgraded! On November 24th, Xu Gong will not see you!

November 24th

Xugong Complete Road Machinery New Product and New Technology Development Forum

Will be the world's largest construction and maintenance machinery production base

Xuzhou, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province

As the earliest company in China to develop pavers

Xugong paver

It can be described as full of fun!

RP453LS: Speed ​​and Passion

1. Original floating rear four-wheel drive technology, the road condition is more adaptable, and the driving capacity is increased by more than 15%;

2. Optional front wheel auxiliary drive system, providing 15% additional driving force to effectively relieve tire slippage;

3. Newly developed power steering technology with a minimum turning radius of only 5.5m, which is very suitable for use in small areas;

4. Fully upgrade the electronically controlled shifting, hydraulic material lifting and electric heating, the operation is more convenient and the use is more comfortable.

RP603: Both ability and wisdom

1. The power system, the material distribution system and the screed device are fully upgraded, the maximum paving width is increased to 7.2m, and the working capacity is the strongest;

2, the electrical system is fully upgraded, using automotive integrated wiring harness, beautiful and reliable, and optional intelligent control system to enhance the control experience;

3, through a variety of optional configuration (hydraulic front flap, eccentric vibration and other functions), ease of use, work quality file upgrades;

4, through the selection of E2460 hydraulic telescopic screed with a base width of 2.4m, can be steplessly extended to 6m, easy to use and faster.

RP803: Full upgrade

1. The transmission and distribution system is fully upgraded, the hopper is larger, the material distribution capacity is stronger, and the material distribution frame is hydraulically lifted, which makes the operation more convenient;

2. The screed device is fully upgraded, and the double-stage support cylinder + double-row slider anti-twist technology is more rigid and smoother.

3, the walking system is fully upgraded, using electric proportional pump + electric proportional motor closed-loop control, the transition speed can be as fast as 4km / h;

4. The working ability has been comprehensively improved, and the mechanical adjustment can meet the requirements of large thickness and stable soil construction, and the working condition is more adaptable.

RP903: All-rounder Almighty King

1. The screed is fully upgraded with double support cylinder + double row slider anti-torsion technology, and the anti-torsion capability is increased by 20%;

2. The structure of the whole machine is optimized, and the feeding device is double-staged to meet the maximum 500mm thick stable soil paving;

3, intelligent electronic control system, with a variety of one-button operation mode, the operation is simpler, the quality of the work is more assured;

4, based on the platform design, can provide users with customized services such as slope pavers, LNG pavers, remote pavers.

RP1253T: New Forces in the T Series

1. It is equipped with 243kW super-high power engine, the maximum working width is 12.5m, and the productivity is 1200t/h, which is the strongest in the same level;

2. The feeding system is upgraded, using low-speed and high-torque radial piston motor and patented anti-jam technology to ensure continuous feeding;

3, the material distribution system upgrade, using Linde HPV75 large displacement high-pressure piston pump, the materializing capacity increased by 36%, to meet the 12m/500mm large thickness paving;

4, configuration M300A new screed, the basic width of 3m, anti-deformation ability increased by 35%, the connection is more convenient, and optional end expansion device;

5, the configuration of intelligent electronic control system, with a variety of one-button operation mode, the operation is simpler, the quality of work is more guaranteed.

RP1855/RP1655: Big head has great wisdom

1. It is equipped with 316kW super high-power engine, and the power reserve is sufficient. The actual construction efficiency is higher than the same level of products in the industry by more than 20%!

2, configure full-featured intelligent electronic control system, using touch buttons and high-definition color screen, with one-button operation, intelligent operation and ECO and other working modes, the highest level of intelligence;

3, using 60kW high-power variable frequency generator, can achieve screed idle speed heating and rapid heating, can meet construction requirements within 20min, energy saving consumption of more than 5%!

4. The industry's unique spiral material anti-segregation technology, equal-vibration equalization technology and intelligent integrated leveling technology ensure that the paving quality meets the highest standards in the industry and meets the requirements of high-grade asphalt surface construction;

5, M300A type screed is fully optimized, the overall rigidity and connection convenience are further improved, RP1855 standard with 0.75m end expansion, RP1655 optional with 13.5m / gas heating screed to meet more personalized needs.


It’s Xugong’s appearance this time.

New product and new technology introduced

More highlights

Please pay attention on November 24th

Industry to serve the country, 70 years of wisdom and painting the new era

—Xugong Complete Road Machinery New Product and New Technology Development Forum—

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