Deeply ploughing Luoyang for more than ten years, seeing the mountains and pushing their hearts

Luoyang, the ancient capital of the Jiu Dynasty, is located in the western part of Henan Province and has excellent geographical conditions. It is known as the “Kyushu hinterland”. Customer Liu has been in the fertile soil of Luoyang for nearly ten years in the construction of road equipment rental and maintenance construction projects.

With the continuous development and growth of Liu's company, the aging phenomenon of mechanical equipment that has made great contributions has become increasingly serious, and it has been difficult to meet the requirements of current engineering quality. Liu’s company entered the equipment elimination period.

During his many years of professional career, Liu has heard more about the mountain pusher products, with high configuration and good compaction effect. He always hopes to have opportunities for cooperation.

Mountain push road roller construction scene

At this time, Deng’s manager of the sales of pavement products in the Henan area of ​​Shantui Co., Ltd. had a chance to make a visit, which allowed Shan Push and Liu to have an opportunity for in-depth exchanges.

After some heart-to-heart communication, Mr. Liu learned about Shantui's strength as a world-class bulldozer and other construction machinery manufacturing suppliers. Manager Deng’s sincere and professional product introduction has deeply touched Manager Liu.

After many interviews, Mr. Liu’s interest in Shantui’s products has doubled, and he decided to go on a field trip with Shan’s Chongwen Industrial Park. In the factory park, Mr. Liu looked at the spacious and bright factory buildings, the modern production lines, the busy but orderly assembly workers and the ready-to-wear products.

Mountain push road machine shipped Luoyang

At the exhibition site of the new full hydraulic single-roller roller SR22-5C, Mr. Liu listened enthusiastically to the experts of the institute to explain the product technology.

It is understood that the SR22-5C is equipped with the powerful and economical fuel-saving Weichai Guosan EFI engine. The internationally renowned brand Linde hydraulic system has better parameters such as exciting force and better composting effect.

General Liu was deeply impressed by the excellent performance of Shantui products. He immediately decided to order a SR22-5C roller and an SR13D double drum roller, and shipped it to Luoyang on the same day.

Mountain push paver

On the SRP90SPLUS hydraulic retractable paver display site, the product has a beautiful green streamlined appearance, double-door wide angle opening and closing hood, and an enlarged hopper, which is higher than the industry standard configuration, so that Liu is dumped.

In particular, the perfect combination of Shantui crawler walking system and Linde hydraulic system, equipped with high-quality leveling system, paving road surface is more flat, Liu Zong immediately decided to order a 9-meter paver to meet the construction needs of recent projects. .

General Liu said with deep meaning: "I believe that in the future full of hope and vitality, as the business continues to grow bigger and stronger, it will continue to increase the intensity of purchasing Shantui products and achieve a win-win situation." (This article is from Shantui)

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