How does an explosion-proof network camera respond to this unstable factor in the network?

In order to better prevent electrical fire accidents in hazardous environments, we must ensure the safety of people's lives and property. Nowadays, many companies monitor explosive and flammable equipment and production workshops, and the use of wired control further enhances the potential dangers caused by various wires. The use of explosion-proof network cameras is a better choice for many enterprises.
Regarding the various collection equipments of the explosion-proof monitoring system, because the equipment is directly placed in a dusty environment, the operation of the explosion-proof equipment will have a direct impact, and the demand points should be protected from moisture, dust and corrosion. If the explosion-proof network camera is suspended at the shed for a long time, the explosion-proof shield and the explosion-proof glass will be quickly covered with a mixture of dust, carbon ash, etc., which is dirty and black, and also corrosive, which seriously affects the viewing effect. It is necessary to damage the explosion-proof equipment, so it is necessary to do the dustproof and anti-corrosion protection of the explosion-proof camera. In some areas with heavy moisture, it is necessary to adjust the orientation of the device and the protection of the equipment in the protection process to improve the moisture-proof ability of the equipment itself. In the high-humidity zone, the dehumidification method is often adopted to deal with the moisture-proof problem.
Anyone who has been engaged in the protection of electromechanical systems knows that it is common for lightning-proof equipment to be struck by lightning storms, which poses a great safety hazard to the normal operation of explosion-proof monitoring equipment. Therefore, it is necessary for explosion-proof monitoring equipment in the protection process. The lightning protection issue is highly valued. The lightning protection method is mainly to make the lightning protection grounding of the equipment grounding. The induction grounding network with independent ground resistance less than 1 ohm should be prepared according to the equipotential body plan, and the lightning protection grounding and power lightning protection grounding network of the weakening electric system should be established. Mix in the same way to avoid power grounding clutter to disturb the equipment. Anti-interference is the first priority to adhere to the strong and weak electrical separation criteria when wiring, separate the power cable from the communication cable and video cable, and strictly follow the wiring standards for communication and power occupation.
The network is a very unstable factor. The network seems to be safe and insecure. What should you pay attention to when using an explosion-proof network camera? Here is a small series to give you a brief introduction.
First, look at the agreement
Almost all home explosion-proof network cameras are connected to routers, and each explosion-proof network camera supports different protocols. In the network transmission protocol, mainstream IP cameras support 802.11b/g/n, and each wireless network corresponds to A variety of encryption methods to prevent hackers from attacking the network, choose high-standard encryption method - WEP / WPA / WPA2, and WPA2 needs to use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) chipset to support, it can be seen that its security is very reliable.
Second, try to use the phone to log in, instead of using the WEB side
Mobile phone login is more secure than WEB. I have exposed the video information of the home camera has been leaked, a large part of the reason is that the login name and password are too simple, for example, the same network segment as the wireless router 192.168.XX, once the wifi password is obtained, the video information is not broken; in order to protect the IP Address security, more and more explosion-proof network cameras choose mobile phone client login, register access by mobile phone number, no matter what network environment you are in the camera, you can access it by mobile phone number + password, skip the step of entering IP address, This effectively protects the network and prevents the camera from being accessed.
Third, personal cloud storage security coefficient is higher
Cloud storage has different distinctions from traditional storage. Local users do not need any physical storage devices to store directly into the server through the network. Cloud storage buys storage space for a period of time, similar to local storage, but you can't see or touch it. No.

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