Petrochemical Association publishes industry operating data

According to data released by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, domestic crude oil processing volume reached 31.188 million tons in May, a record high, up 10.7% year-on-year, and an increase of 6% from the previous month; product oil output (total of gasoline, diesel and kerosene) 19.393 million tons, an increase of 16.7% year-on-year, a substantial increase of 10 percentage points from the previous month. The operating rate of the oil refining industry increased from 79% in April to about 84% in May. The association pointed out that the overall market demand in the petrochemical market has not changed, and the downward trend in the overall price level has not been reversed.
From the data point of view, the profitability of the oil recovery and oil refining sectors has improved, but the downstream petrochemical market remains depressed.
In particular, based on the judgment of the recovery of the real estate market in the second half of the year, the soda ash and chlor-alkali (PVC, caustic soda) industries closely related to real estate will improve, but the data released by the association shows that the operating rate of the soda ash industry in May was approximately 82.1%. The operating rate of the caustic soda industry plant is approximately 79%, the operating rate of PVC plants is approximately 58%, and the production capacity of “two alkalis” continues to increase. In the future, excess production capacity will inhibit the recovery of the “two-alkali” industry.

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