My navy is equipped with a new floating dock for offshore repair warships.

How to quickly recover the combat power when the warship is sailing, thunder, bullet, and damage to the cabin? How to carry out ship maintenance in the depths of the ocean? The new floating dock of a speedboat detachment of the East China Sea Fleet can ensure that the ship is "lightly injured" and does not go down the fire line. "Seriously injured" does not enter the shipyard, and the equipment support is expanded from the shore to the sea.

One day in June, a multi-type ship joint exercise kicked off in a certain sea area. When a speedboat just came out of the standby anchorage, it found that there was a "minefield" in the sea area ahead. "Parking, four retreats!" The steering of the steering gear just fell, and the battle came with an emergency report that "the pump compartment touched the mine and broke into the water." The joint command post immediately ordered a new type of dock repair ship to maneuver at full speed to the accident sea. The author followed the dock ship and witnessed a grand scene of performing a "surgical" operation on the "damaged" boat.

The dock ship is U-shaped and looks like two ships docked on the surface of the sea. The middle trough is a dock that can carry damaged ships. Soon, the dock ship met the "damaged" ship. Zheng Shuigen, the equipment minister of a speedboat detachment, immediately ordered the deployment of “Sinking Dock”.
“Open the submarine door and open the ballast tank.” The hull in the middle of the dock began to sink smoothly, and the raging sea water rushed in. The dock ship was like two ships sailing side by side, and the middle trough was completely submerged in the sea. The wind and waves are very large, and the "damaged" ships are constantly changing positions in the crests and valleys near the dock. The docks are like two small islands, and they are stuck in the sea. The mystery lies in the fact that the four anchors of the dock ship firmly grasp the seabed and can carry out the security mission under the four-level sea conditions.

The tugboat dragged the "damaged" ship in the wind and waves and slowly moved into the dock. The waves beat the bridge, and the swinging of the docking ship increased. The author could not help but worry about whether the two ships would "blink". Commander Zheng Shuigen said that the "damaged" ship has been fixed by two positioning timbers in the dock, and the other two movable steel cables are fixed on the assisted tug. In the face of heavy winds, as long as the tugboat pulls hard, the triangle tension of the steel cable can ensure that the ship is safe.

As the cable slowly pulled, the “damaged” ship gradually penetrated into the dock. Finally, the ship docked the "damaged" ship into the "belly". “Open the drain valve, start the drain pump, and the measurement department starts to monitor the ship's seat.” With the commander's password, the high-pressure pump roars and the water level in the dock continues to drop. After 10 minutes, the water in the dock is completely drained. The damaged ship was lifted up in its entirety, lying quietly in the dock waiting for maintenance "surgery."

Wu Zongmao, the general director of the exercise and the equipment of a certain base of the East China Sea Fleet, proudly said: "The listing of the new maintenance docks allows equipment maintenance to be moved from land to sea. It is also commendable that this dock ship has excellent maintenance support capabilities." The dock ship is equipped with advanced instruments and equipment such as locator, measuring instrument and monitoring system. The repair team has complete professional work, and realizes a full range of comprehensive protection for offshore fault detection, repair and testing. Once the "injured" ship encounters "difficulty", the "Fault Analysis Center" on board can be used for remote consultation by the technicians of the in-line colleges. It is equivalent to taking the experts from the thousands of miles to the repair site to ensure the most equipment. Quickly return to the battlefield.

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