Hande Company Signs Responsibility Document for 2009 Full-Budgeting Objectives

On February 27th, Handtech Company held the ceremony for marking the full-scale budget for target responsibility in 2009 at the Xi’an plant. The general manager Wang Zhanchao and more than 50 middle-level cadres attended the signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, General Manager Wang Zhanchao first reviewed the overall budget management work in 2008 and deployed related work in 2009. Mr. Wang emphasized that overall budget management and continuous cost reduction have become the key tasks for the company's long-term development. All units are required to formulate detailed measures and work plans around the goal of comprehensive budget management in 2009. With regard to the subjective initiative in the budget management work, I hope that all departments will continue to work hard to complete the company's 2009 total budget management and cost reduction work, and comprehensively improve the operational efficiency of the company. In the end, General Manager Wang Zhanchao signed the 2009 full-budget target responsibility statement with the heads of the company's various units and members of the general manager team.

Since Handee started its comprehensive budget management work in April 2008, it has now set up an organizational structure with clear division of labor and efficient coordination, and has formulated 12 management systems including comprehensive budget management processes, achieving the second half of 2008. Reduce costs about 30 million yuan. At this point, Hande's overall budget management work has reached a new level. With the goal of improving the quality of corporate operations, Hande has continued to promote comprehensive budget management. The company carried out cost reduction projects in terms of technology, R&D, production, mining and supply, management, etc. Finally, it optimized and consolidated a comprehensive budget management system, established a cost control system that was led by research and development and technology, and established an effective cost control system. We will implement a comprehensive budget control system with program management as the leader and efficiency as the core.

Hande has organized several comprehensive budget management trainings and strengthened the process control of business plans. The company’s comprehensive budget management office organizes weekly weekly meetings to track, control, and coordinate the progress of each business plan. At the end of each month, the inspection and verification cost reduction projects were checked on time; at the same time, the company identified the three major comprehensive budget management themes of 2009 for single-level bridge capacity utilization, technology cost reduction, and accelerated product structure adjustment. At present, the company has completed the preparation of the 2009 full budget review and adjustments in accordance with the resolutions of the board of directors, and all related work of the comprehensive budget management is in progress.

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