Positive Displacement Flow meter

  • Model NO.: PD meter with mechanical preset register printer
  • Origin: china
Meter with mechanical preset register
With printer which generates an imprinted record of the transaction

The positive displacement flow meter equipped with the mechanically actuated piston valve and the mechanical counter with ticket printer.
The mechanically actuated piston valves which are available in 2" throngh 4" sizes and are designed for mounting on the meter outlet to provide tight shutoff vith smooth and easy operation regardless of system line pressure. Valves may be manually operated or connected via a mechanical linkage to a preset counter on the meter for single stage closure, or two-srage closur to eliminate hydrarlic shock. Valves are indexable in 90° Increments for up, down, or side facing outlet.

The mechanical counter with ticket printer generates an imprinted record of the transaction

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3. LED light in illumination, avoiding glaring.
4. Independent electronic board and cooling system, can be easily taken out for maintenance or replacement.
5. Environment-friendly CFC-free Refrigerant R134a or R404a.

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