Conical Mixer

Model NO.: CMPN
Layout Type: Verticle
Mixing Drum Shape: Conical
Additional Capabilities: Milling
Operating type: Cycle Operating
Condition: New
Size: 50-30000L
Construction Materials: Stainless Steel or Mild Steel
Mixer Agitator Type: Double Screw
Mixer Tank: Vertical & Cone Shaped Tank
Batch Mixing Time: 5-30 Minutes
Working Model: Batch Mixing But Not Continuous
Main Shaft Rotation Speeds: Low Speed or High Speed
Heavy Duty: Available
Heating Jacket: Available
Explosion-Proof: Available
Trademark: CMX
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: CE, SGS, GMP
Origin: Shanghai
HS Code: 8474
Conical shape twin Screw Mixer machine (CMPN series)

Questions for Buyer:
Please answer below questions and send answers to email, and then we will send you offer as soon as possible.
1, What materials do you mix? (Names of raw materials?)
2, What is the power fineness (or particle size)? (mesh, mm)
3, What is the bulk density (or specific gravity) of mixed materials? (kg/liter, kg/m3)
4, How many kgs or liters to be mixed per batch?
5, What is the distance from bottom discharge outlet to ground? (cm, mm, m)
6, What construction materials do you require? (Please choose below option)
A, all construction materials mild steel;
B, contact parts stainless steel, non-contact parts mild steel;
C, all construction materials stainless steel;
1 Working principle:
The CMPN series conical Nauta Mixer is comprised of vertical cone-shaped tank, two asymmetric screws, fixed or full-open top cover, arms, transmission unit. Two (single or three) screws rotate along their own central axis, we call this movement self-rotation; the arm drive the two screws rotate along the wall of mixing tank, we call this movement revolution. The self-rotation makes the materials elevated; the revolution makes the materials diffused in the radial; the materials elevated with self-rotation forms two material flows and fall down to fill in the material vacancy
at the bottom; so the triple compound movement make materials homogenously mixed inside the nauta mixer tank.

2 Performance & features:
2.01 Material: stainless steel 304 / 316L or mild steel Q235;
2.02 Surface treatment: paint (mild steel), polish/sandblasting (stainless steel); 
2.03 Agitators: shaft with welded screws; 
2.04 Mixer tank: vertical, conical tank;
2.05 Shaft: two (single or three);
2.06 Mixing time: 5-30 minutes;
2.07 Working model: batch mixing;
2.08 Speed reducer: cycloid reducer; 
2.09 Rotation speed: fixed speed;
2.10 Seal: oil seal;
2.11 Openings: feeding inlet, manhole, and inspection & connection port;
2.12 Discharge valve: manual dislocation (plum blossom) discharge valve;
2.13 Working condition: NPT (normal pressure and temperature);
2.14 Not heavy duty: mixer can not be started with loading materials;
2.15 Power supply: 220V 50HZ single phase/ 380V 50HZ 3 phase;
2.16 Non ex-proof electronics (motor, electronic elements, control cabinet);
3 Optional features:
The following optional features are available: wear-resistant and anti-corrosion materials, surface treatment; single (two or three) screw shafts; continuous mixing; gear box reducer; changeable speed; customized openings and discharge valves; temperature control; pressure requirement; heavy-duty configuration; motors, electronic elements, electronic control panel are customized to different power and ex-proof requirements; light glass; sampling device; liquid spraying device; scrappers etc.
4 Technical specifications:
Working volume
Rotation speed
CMPN-50 20-30 2&108 0.75 Φ600×H1200 120
CMPN-100 40-60 2&108 1.1 Φ700×H1500 200
CMPN-300 120-180 2&108 2.2 Φ900×H2000 500
CMPN-500 200-300 2&108 3 Φ1100×H2300 650
CMPN-1000 400-600 2&60 4 Φ1600×H2700 1200
CMPN-2000 800-1200 2&60 5.5 Φ1900×H3400 1550
CMPN-3000 1200-1800 2&60 7.5 Φ2100×H3700 2200
CMPN-4000 1600-2400 2&60 11 Φ2400×H4400 2500
CMPN-5000 2000-3000 2&60 15 Φ2500×H4600 3100
CMPN-6000 2400-3600 2&60 15 Φ2700×H4900 3600
CMPN-8000 3200-4800 2&60 18.5 Φ2800×H5300 4100
CMPN-10000 4000-6000 2&60 22 Φ3000×H5600 4500
CMPN-12000 4800-7200 2&60 22 Φ3100×H6000 4800
CMPN-15000 6000-9000 2&60 30 Φ3400×H6600 5100
CMPN-20000 8000-12000 2&60 45 Φ3700×H7100 6200
CMPN-25000 10000-15000 2&60 55 Φ3900×H7500 7300
CMPN-30000 12000-18000 2&60 75 Φ4200×H8000 8500
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Conical Mixer

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Conical Mixer

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Conical Mixer

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