Function and Maintenance of Important Parts of Horizontal Ball Mill

1. Speed ​​reducer device: Increasing the speed is an effective method to improve the working efficiency of the energy-saving ball mill. The speed is fast and the efficiency is naturally high. Therefore, appropriate improvements to the speed reducer device can also have a certain effect, and the output will also increase. , The conditional concentrator can also choose to install the frequency converter to adjust the speed can also achieve satisfactory results.
2. The liner of the ball mill: The liner of the mill is mainly used to protect the cylinder and avoid the direct impact and friction between the grinding body and the material on the cylinder. Different types of liners can adjust the movement state of the grinding bodies in each bin. To achieve a good grinding effect.
3, the choice of steel ball: It should be noted here is that the ball diameter is also very important to match, so that the ball diameter of the ball is very large and small, this can be grinding the size of the ore in the cavity to fully grind, improve Ball mill work efficiency.
4, electrical equipment: For energy-saving ball mill, increase the current is to increase the speed, high speed, the ball mill work efficiency is naturally high, according to the amount of tons of grinding body load roughly determine how much power should be equipped with Motors, but here it should be noted that the increase of current must be within the rated power range of the ball mill and cannot exceed a large load. If the current is too large, the mill motor will be burned and the loss will be large.
5. Adding water: The moisture in the ore has a certain influence on the working efficiency of the energy-saving ball mill. Therefore, an appropriate increase in the water content of the ore in the grinding chamber can also increase the efficiency of the ball mill.
Traditionally used regular maintenance methods cannot fundamentally prevent the failure of ball mills because they cannot scientifically anticipate failures, and the maintenance cycle is too short to increase maintenance costs and maintenance time, resulting in waste and affecting normal use. Therefore, ball mills are required. The gear transmission system carries out condition monitoring and fault diagnosis to analyze and determine the working status and performance deterioration trend of the gear drive system of the ball mill, depending on the actual situation to decide whether maintenance is required, so that it can effectively prevent the occurrence of failure and reduce unnecessary Maintenance, saving expenses.


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