Ferret wheeled reconnaissance vehicle

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Country UK
Name Ferret wheeled reconnaissance vehicle
Ferret Wheeled Scout Car
Development Unit Daimler Co., Ltd.
Daimler Company Limited,GB
Production company Daimler Co., Ltd.
Daimler Company Limited,GB

Equipment situation Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Loma, Central African Republic, Indonesia (discontinued equipment in 1987), New Zealand, Portugal, Qatar, Senecabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka , Sudan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Albania, Republic of Yemen, and Zimbabwe

Equipment History In 1947, the British Army proposed the use of a new reconnaissance vehicle to replace the Daimler Ding 0 reconnaissance vehicle used during World War II. At the end of 1948, Daimler obtained the design and production of a new type of reconnaissance vehicle codenamed FV701. The first prototype was completed in 1949 and was used after being sent to the British Army for testing the following year. The name was named Fellerte.
The first production vehicle was completed in mid-1952. The car family has a total of five evolution models, but the basic body has not changed. By 1971, the production plan was completed and a total of 4,409 vehicles were produced.
At present, Ferrette is still serving in the British Army and may continue to serve until the 1990s. Some vehicles may need to be equipped with three defense devices and night-vision driving instruments in the future, and MK2 vehicles should also be equipped with new types of turrets.
Alvis is now responsible for the design and spare parts supply of Ferret.

Structural Features The MK2 is one of the five models of Ferret. For the fully welded body, the cockpit is at the front, the battle chamber is centered, and the power cabin is at the rear.
There are three windows on the front and two sides of the driver, all equipped with a No. 17 monolithic observation periscope. The front window can be folded onto the inclined deck to expand the field of view and can be replaced with a bullet-proof glass window with a wiper. Both sides of the window can be opened outwards.
A single canopy on a manual turret can be locked in 3 different positions. The turret can be rotated 360°; the rear can be folded into a horizontal position to form a seat; the front end has a AFV No. 3 MK1 periscope aimed at the machine gun.
The turret seat ring has glass-covered observation slots on both sides of the body, and two hatches behind the battle room can be opened for observation. There is a safety door on each side of the body between the front and rear wheels, a spare wheel on the left door, and a storage box on the right door.
The engine is in the rear of the vehicle body, so long as the crankshaft box is opened, it can work normally under water. The transmission part is equipped with a hydrodynamic coupling, a 2-speed transfer case with differential gear, and there are 5 forward and reverse gears.
The car is equipped with a 7.62mm Browning machine gun with a pitch range of -15° to +45° and 2,500 rounds of ammunition. There are three smoke bomb launchers on the two sides of the front of the vehicle body that can be electrically operated in the vehicle.
The Fleetguard car has no three defense devices, no night vision equipment, and non-water and land use. The Fleet MK3 and MK4 were installed to float the balance sheet. The Fletter MK1, MK2 and MK3 are fronted with steel slots.

Model Evolution 1. Feret MK1
The car is also known as the Car Scout 4x4 Liaison FV701(C). It has no turrets and its body is open and covered with canvas. Equipped with a 7.62mm Browning machine gun or 7.62mm Bren light machine gun. The later production type was called the Fletter MK1/1FV701(J), and some of them had installed floating traps used on the MK4.
2.Ferret MK1/2 (FV704)
Basically the same as the MK1, the infantry was used as the first reconnaissance vehicle, also known as the Car Scout Liaison MK1/2. The top of the armor is enclosed by a single fan rear hatch. The captain has a periscope and a sight glass and is equipped with a 7.62mm light machine gun.
3. Fleet MK2
The car is basically a MK1 equipped with a turret, called the (4×4) reconnaissance vehicle (Flett) MK2FV701(E).
4. Ferret MK2/2
Improvements were made on the basis of MK2. A ring was added between the turret and the roof to give the captain and machine gunner a better shot.
5. Feret MK2/3
It is the later production type of MK2, known as the (Damle Fletter 4x4) reconnaissance vehicle MK2/3FV701(H).
6. Ferrette MK2/4
Additional armor was added to the Flett MK2/3.
7. Fei Leite MK2/5
The car is a standard Ferret MK2/4 developed from MK2.
8.Freder MK2/6 (FV703)
The vehicle is based on MK2/3 and is equipped with a British Aerospace Dynamics Group's Vigilant anti-tank missile launcher on each side of the turret. The left side of the car body is on a spare wheel. There are also 2 missile launchers in position.
The two missiles to be launched have an ordinary pitching mechanism that can be launched inside the vehicle and can also be launched away from the vehicle by means of the aiming controller. The missile is a cable guidance with a maximum range of 1600m and a minimum range of 180m. The car is currently only used in Libya and the United Arab Emirates.
9. Fei Leite MK2/7
The car is MK2/6 after removing the missile system, so it is basically a Ferret MK2/3.
10. Fei Leite MK3
The car was modified from the MK1/1 to the same standard equipment as the MK4, but with a gun turret.
11. Fei Leite MK4 (FV711)
The car was the earliest type of improvement. The suspension was reinforced. The 381mm diameter vacuum-assisted disc brakes replaced the 330mm diameter drum brakes. Wheels and tires were added. Waterproof storage containers were added on both sides of the car body.
12. Ferret MK5 (FV712)
Based on the MK4, the car was equipped with a turret equipped with four Swingfire anti-tank missiles. It served in the British Army and is now retired.
Ferret Wheel Scout Car Family
--MK1/2(FV704) MK5(FV712
--MK2 (FV701(E)
MK2/6 (FV703) MK2/5

Performance Data Model MK1 MK1/2 MK2/3 MK2/6 MK4
Crew 2 - 3 people 3 people 2 people 2 people 2 people
Driving Type 4×4 4×4 4×4 4×4 4×4
The total weight of the battle 4210kg 4370kg 4400kg 4560kg 5400kg
Net weight 3510kg 3660kg 3640kg 3680kg 4725kg
Unit power 22.5kW/t 21.7kW/t 21.6kW/t 20.8kW/t 17.6kW/t
Length 3.835m 3.835m 3.835m 3.835m 3.960m
Car width 1.905m 1.905m 1.905m 1.905m 2.134m
Vehicle full height 1.448m 1.651m 1.879m 1.879m 2.030m
The distance between the bottom and the ground is 0.330m 0.330m 0.330m 0.330m 0.432m
Track 1.539m 1.539m 1.539m 1.539m 1.750m
Wheelbase 2.286m 2.286m 2.286m 2.286m 2.286m
The maximum speed of the highway is 93km/h 93km/h 93km/h 93km/h 80km/h
Fuel reserve 96L 96L 96L 96L 96L
Maximum travel
Highway 306km 306km 306km 306km 306km
Off-road 160km 160km 160km 160km 160km
Fuel consumption
Highway 0.31L/km 0.31L/km 0.31L/km 0.31L/km 0.31L/km
Off-road 0.6L/km 0.6L/km 0.6L/km 0.6L/km 0.6L/km
Deep wading
Unprepared 0.914m 0.914m 0.914m 0.914m 0.914m
There are ready 1.524m 1.524m 1.524m 1.524m floating
Grade of climbing 46% 46% 46% 46% 46%
Climbing vertical wall height 0.406m 0.406m 0.406m 0.406m 0.406m
The width is 1.22m 1.22m 1.22m 1.22m 1.22m
Turning radius 5.795m 5.795m 5.795m 5.795m 5.795m
Production company Rolls-Royce
Model B60MK6A
Type inline 6-cylinder water-cooled gasoline engine
Power/speed 95kW/3750r/min
Transmission Type Daimler 5-speed preselected planetary gearbox
Steering device type recirculating ball
Clutch Daimler hydraulic clutch
Suspension Type Bidirectional Shock Absorber and Coil Spring Independent Suspension
Tire size 9.00×16 (flat run) 9.00×16 9.00×16 9.00×16 11.00×20
The main brake acts on the hydraulic pressure of each wheel
Parking brake manual mechanism acting on the drive shaft
Machine gun caliber/number 7.62mm/1 7.62mm/1 7.62mm/1 7.62mm/1 7.62mm/1
Missile Model Waikrant
Smoke bomb launcher 2 x 3 with 2 x 3 with 2 x 3 with 2 x 3 with 2 x 3
Electrical system voltage 24V 24V 24V 24V 24V
Number of batteries / voltage / capacity 2 / 12V/60Ah

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