Moisture meter maintenance and repair

First, the installation and location of the instrument:

1, the instrument must not be installed in a room with corrosive gas, corrosion of the circuit part of the instrument, shorten the life of the instrument 2, place where the room temperature is lower than 5 degrees or higher than 40 degrees.

3, can not be installed in places with high sunlight and humidity.

4, can not be installed in places where power is not stable, it is recommended to use electronic regulator.

Second, the electrode maintenance:

1, When the measuring electrode is contaminated, it can be wiped with acetone or absolute ethanol. If it still cannot be decontaminated, use an alcohol lamp to burn the platinum ball end.

2. When the electrolytic electrode is contaminated, acetone or absolute ethanol can be injected into the cathode chamber and shaken repeatedly to remove the internal dirt.

Third, the electrolytic cell drying:

The electrolytic cell was decomposed, placed in an oven at approximately 50 degrees for five hours, and allowed to cool after it was cooled.

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