U.S. companies use gyro technology to develop motorcycles that cannot crash

It seems that the power is too disparate for motorcycles and PK safety for four-wheeled cars. Since motorcycles have no car shell protection, the safety factor is naturally lower than that of automobiles. However, in the United States, Canadian company has recently developed a new "C1" motorcycle that dares to clamour with cars. What special skills does it have?

It is reported that this new motorcycle is very good in all aspects. For example, environmental performance, using hybrid electric drive "C1" is absolutely in line with today's energy-saving emission reduction requirements. For example, in terms of security, C1 uses a unique full-wrapped design, but it is much more secure than traditional motorcycles. Of course, when it comes to safety, since you dare to clamor with the car, then the stunt is not only limited to this, but there are more people's performance.

The biggest highlight of this motorcycle is the use of a gyroscope technology so that the motorcycle will not be knocked down. As long as the car rotates at a high speed, it will not fall down like a top playing with children. If the side of the motorcycle is hit, the C1's high-speed sensor and processor will sense it and provide thrust in the opposite direction. In this way, the forces in both directions are offset and the motorcycle will not fall into balance.

The new motorcycle that is both safe and stable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and will not fall, is it that you are very excited? It is expected that C1 will be on the market in the near future, allowing you to travel freely in the crowded city.


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