High Accuracy Water Electromagnetic Flowmeter (JH-DCFM-SS)

Measuring Media: Liquid
Measuring Principle: Electrical Principles
Measurement Object: Closed Pipeline
Certification: CE, ISO
Connection: Flange
Output: Pulse+4-20mA
Lining Materia: PTFE
Electrode Materia: SS316L
Body Material: SS304
Power Supply: 220V
Model: Integrated Type
Trademark: JH
Transport Package: Wooden
Specification: CE, ISO
Origin: Shanghai
HS Code: 902610000
Electromagnetic flowmeter
High Accuracy Water Electromagnetic Flowmeter (JH-DCFM-SS)

High Accuracy Water Electromagnetic Flowmeter (JH-DCFM-SS)

Measuring Principles:
The measuring principle of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the electromagnetic induction law of Farady. The sensor is mainly composed of measuring tube with isolate lining, a pair of electrodes installed by penetration of the measuring tube wall, a pair of coils and iron core to produce working magnetic field. When the conductive fluid flows through the measuring tube of the sensor, the voltage signal in direct proportion to the average flow velocity of the fluid will be inducted on the electrodes. The signal is amplified and treated by the transmitter to realize various display functions.

Main Applications:
Electromagnetic flowmeter can be used to measure the volume flow of conductive fluid in a closed pipeline. It is widely applied in the flow measurement and control in the fields of chemical and petroleum industry, metallurgy industry, water and waste water, agriculture and irrigation, paper making, food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry.
-Large choice of liner materials like 316L,F4, PTFE, F46, Fs and rubber.
-DN 6 to DN2000 covers a wide range of pipe size. A variety of liners and electrodes are available to satisfy different flow characteristic.
-Electric conductivity of medium can be used for detection of product change.
-No additional pressure loss electromagnetic flowmeter.
-No moveable parts and long working life.
-Site digital LCD displays instantaneous flow, accumulative flow, flow rate. 
-Various output method, like 4-20mA, 0-5V, RS485 and pulse.
-Compact, split and plug-in types optional.
-Change the grounding as the third electrode.



DN 10mm~~2000mm
PN  PN10 , PN16 , PN25 , PN40 , PN63 , PN100 , PN160 , PN250 , PN420
Electrode material SS316L
Lining material PTFE ,FS ,rubber or customize
Medium tem 0~70°C , max is  180°C
Shell material carbon steel
Protection grade IP65 , IP67   and IP68
Connection all applies(flange & screw thread)

Converter Technical Data:
Current output 4~20mA
Frequency output pulse :
High level=external power supply-1V
External volts≤30 V

Low level ≤ 0.5V
Load current ≤ 50 mA
Max.frequency output :5KHz .
Frequency of pulse output:  0~5Hz .
Display With 8digit LCD display
Display unit Instantaneous flow units  : m 3  /h ,  m 3  /m , m 3  /s , L/h , L/m ,  L/s , G/h , G/m , G/s .  Total flow units: m 3 , L , G .
Communication MODBUS protocol ( optional ) or HART ( optional )
Protection grade IP65
Power supply 220 V AC +20/-60%  , 50/60 Hz , 24 V DC +50/- 25%  , max.10VA
EMC radiation standard EN 61326-1 : 2006  (BS EN50081-1)
EMC anti-jimming standard EN 61326-1: 2006 (BS EN50082-1)
CE security EN 61010-1 : 2001
Ambient temp. 5~55°C
Ambient humidity <85 % r.h. (non condensation)


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