Epo-06HP Electric Boat Motor, Electric Outboards for Fishing Boat Short / Long Shaft with BLDC Motor

Model NO.: EPO-06HP
Long Life: Over 20000h
Origin: China
HS Code: 8487100000
3HP Clean and Quiet electric outboard motor , Electric Propulsion Outboards, Inboards Drive Kits/PROPULSION OUTBOARD/electric outboard motor, electric boat engine
3HP Electric Boat Motor, Electric Outboards for Fishing Boat

Most Powerful, Efficient, Clean and Quiet
Electric Propulsion Outboards (3HP - 50 HP) 

A growing number of boat owners favours electric propulsion to power their dayboats, yachts, and cruisers. Electric motors are quiet, clean, reliable and economical to run. Electric propulsion makes for a very pleasant
trip thanks to the absence of noise, fumes or vibrations, and the bilge stays nice and clean with no oil or grease fouling the timber. Batteries offer the option of recharging with renewable energy (solar and wind) making a boat potentially energy independent. With only few moving parts there is little that can wear out or break down, making electric motors a reliable option and virtually maintenance free. 

With Golden Motor's leading BLDC motor and controller technology, you could replace your gasoline outboards into electric propulsion outboards quick and easy! 

Convert your gasline/diesel powered outboards, inboards into electric drive easily! Clean, Quiet,Fumeless, Odorless, Powerful, Efficient Marine Drive Systems

3HP, 6HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 30HP, 50HP electric BLDC outboard engine ,most powerful ,efficient ,clean and quiet

With Golden Motor's leading BLDC motor and VECTOR controller technology, our electric outboards have many advantages compared to traditional gasoline outboards.


Electric outboard motor:

1. BLDC motor Liquid cooling system.
2. VECTOR controller Liquid cooling system.
3. Efficiency over 90%! Long life over 20000h!
4. HP options: 3HP, 6HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 30HP, 50HP Available!

3HP Electric Boat Motor, Electric Outboards for Fishing Boat

Golden Motor Technology Co Ltd
Electric Propulsion Outboards Specifications

(Item NO.)
Length mm(in.) 960(37.8) 677 873(34.4) 873(34.4) 873(34.4)
Width mm(in.) 450(17.7) 322 332(13.1) 332(13.1) 332(13.1)
Height mm(in.) 310(12.2) 1011(39.8) S:1040(40.9)
Transom height mm(in.) 417(16.4) 444(17.50) S:444(17.50)
Net Weight (KG) 15KG 24KG S:35; L:40 S:39; L:44.0 S:45; L:49.0
Full throttle
operating range
r/min 4000-5000 4000~5000 4000-5000 4000-5000 4000~5500
Idling speed W 0 0 0 0 0
BLDC Motor V 1500W 3KW 5KW 8KW 10KW
Battery Voltage A 24~48 24~48 48~72 48~72 72
Battery Current   80~50 180~100 180~120 220-150 220
 (Sine Wave)
  VEC180 VEC240 VEC300 VEC500 VEC500
Maximum Motor Efficiency   ≥85% ≥90% ≥90% ≥90% ≥90%
Control system   Tiller Tiller Tiller Tiller Tiller
Gear ratio   2.08(27/13) 2.08(27/13)   2.08(27/13) 2.08(27/13)
Propeller spec in 3-7 1/4"×6" 3-7 1/7"×7" 3-9×7" or 3-8 3/4"-8" 3-9 1/4"×8" or 3-9 1/4"×11" 3-9 1/4"×8" or 3-9 1/4"×11"

3HP Electric Boat Motor, Electric Outboards for Fishing Boat

Key Components for Electric Outboard and Inboard Applications
Outboard conversion kits -- Drive you motorboat up to 20mph!

3HP Electric Boat Motor, Electric Outboards for Fishing Boat

3HP Electric Boat Motor, Electric Outboards for Fishing Boat


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