Calculate the era of cloud technology

Cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, people are never like today can not do without the "cloud" around the blossoming "cloud" is forming a new industrial ecology. Among the various products, the most amazing thing is that all kinds of "black technology" are amazingly amazing. What is even more amazing is the rapid growth of computing power, which has become one of the most important technical bases for changing the times.

In the ecosystem of cloud computing, there are not only physical infrastructure providers such as servers, but also cloud-based developers, more often vertical cloud-based domains. Today, we see that more and more vertical industries are beginning to embark on the "cloud" side, and health care, finance and manufacturing industries have all along supported the "cloud".

Meet the "computing era"

Twenty years ago, a computer called "Dark Blue" defeated the chess master. If the supercomputer was ranked worldwide at the time, the machine could be deployed to more than 200 supercomputers in the world, but this computer has The computing power is similar to the smartphone in our hands today. This year we see the machine beat the go-go champion AlphaGo computing power that year computing capacity of about twenty thousand to thirty thousand times, which is a huge increase in computing power.

Cloud computing is a product of big data. When massive data can not be calculated by conventional calculation methods or computing time is very long, the cloud computing came into being. "Data" can be worth through "calculations," otherwise the data is asleep.

This era, there is no "cloud" calculation is almost unthinkable, whether it is the annual "double eleven" hot deal, or astronomy, meteorological observation data, or life sciences algorithms, stand-alone calculation is obviously already busy coming. Compared with the PC era, in the era of mobile Internet, storage is no longer a problem. The computational difficulties caused by the surge in user data have spread to many fields such as finance, e-commerce, logistics and healthcare. As business conditions change, they are also changing Calculation method.

Reporter interviewed cloud computing technology developers, many researchers believe that it is now a computing era, the future direction of the cloud computing model is very clear, although the basic development of cloud computing to achieve revenue and expenditure balance is not easy, However, this does not prevent everyone's firm opinion.

Alibaba Cloud CEO Hu Xiaoming said recently that Ali cloud now conducts a lot of research on data-intensive industries. "Through its own data analysis, we can reduce the data that needs to be calculated for a year in a traditional way to a few days to complete." Meanwhile, Ali cloud is also actively involved in the calculation of life science data. "The gene data generated by the Huada gene used to take several months to calculate. Due to the amount of Aliyun's computation today, we can complete the gene sequencing of 23 pairs of genes in a day or two," said Hu Xiaoming.

In the recently published book, Online, author Wang Jian describes cloud computing as such: why computing is later called cloud computing, and why we call it general computing again, where is the difference? Today, as a company, either as Google itself to meet their own computing needs, or computing as a public service point of view. Meet your needs with cloud computing services just as you would with electricity. "If you still buy a bunch of machines in your own company like a traditional company, or go hosting, then I think not only the wrong way, but also the computational needs can not be met unless you are as big as Google."

Computing era, cloud computing has become one of the world's largest recognized trends, Gartner research shows that as of the end of 2015 the global cloud computing market has reached 175 billion US dollars, in 2019 is expected to exceed 300 billion US dollars.

In the cloud ecosystem, the progress of computing itself is the basis for all walks of life to embark on the "cloud" side. Aliyun the bottom of the "Flying" is its own research and development components. In September 2008, Alibaba identified the "cloud computing" and "data" strategies; in February 2009, "Flying" wrote the first line of code in Beijing. Aliyun has a slogan: "For uncalculated value." Now we all have a basic consensus that "Cloud" brings the computing power to upgrade, breaking the offline information silos and accelerating the world's intelligent process.

Challenge dazzling "black technology"

Just sweeping with a mobile phone, you can see a variety of coffee's virtual labels: sugar content, calories, coupons, etc., by sweeping the face to pay, you can complete the payment; walking in the street, the phone readily sweep along the street Building, you can see a variety of information, can be described as "Luchi" gospel ......

Quite a few scenes that have only been seen in science fiction films in the past may actually become a reality in the age of cloud computing. Not long ago in the cloud on the General Assembly, 5G car networking, driverless, intelligent robots, virtual reality, remote control air-conditioning, cross-border car loans to friends, car and car interaction, refueling automatic payment ......

One by one black technology is "using facts to speak," in the "cloud" era, many people have experienced what is "beyond imagination." Behind this, there is a "cloud" in silence to play a role, can be said that these "black technology" products are placed on a smart "heart", cloud computing is to support the "heart" of the foundation.

Yun made science and technology newly developed Yunma C series of bicycles, one of the core technology UMA-LOOP wisdom system, it is last year's "Amoy rich" project achievements. Because equipped with a new UMA-LOOP smart system, Yunma C series of bicycles to achieve the body and the cloud data exchange, people and vehicles, people and cloud data efficient interaction between people, cars and the cloud between the three Data flow closed loop. For example, when you ride uphill, the body's own torque-sensing system automatically changes the perceived pedaling strength and outputs matching assist in real time, making the rider's ride more comfortable and enjoyable. Qiu Yiwu cloud technology CEO Qiu Yi believes that the public cloud service scalability and resource reuse are high, so that start-ups can stand on the same starting line as large companies, as large companies get the same high-strength computing and storage capacity .

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