26X1 3/4 Bicycle Tire with Good Price

Model NO.: 26x1 3/4
Use: BMX,Cruisers,Kids′ Bikes,Mountain Bikes,Road Bicyc
Size: 26inches
Trademark: kingworld
Origin: Qingdao
Endure longer in hot area;
Excellent Airproof;
Much lighter bicycle tire made of butyl;
Special design for keeping shape
Due to our low-labor cost and unique design, our bicycle tire can have an excellent cost performance.
We are close to the raw material base give us an edge to compete with other suppliers.
We use multi-strand steel wire inside to keep the tire shape.

1. Full range of size and patterns avaliable, satisfy different countries and market.

2. Excellent wear-resistance and service life, the tyre can run more than 20000 kilometers

3. Different quality level to satisfy different customers. 35%, 45%, 55% rubber percent

4. Advanced rubber formula, technology and mould imported from Taiwan.

5. Standard exported packing is beautiful and popular

6. Deep pattern have good traction

7. Factory supply have the competitive price.

8. Best after service to hold our customer

9. Prompt delivery time to satisfy the customers market need.

10. Free sample will be offered to test our quality

tyre size inner tube size
24x1 3/8 26x1.75 28X1-1/2 26X2.125 28X1.75
26x1 3/8 16x1.95/2.125 26X1-3/8 24X2.125 27X1-1/4
24x1.50 20x1.95/2.125 24X1-3/8 22X2.125 27X1-3/8
26x1.50 24x1.95/2.125 26X1.75/2.125 20X2.125 28X1-5/8X1-3/8   (700X35C)
12x1.75 26x1.95/2.125 24X1.75/2.125 18X2.125 700X23C
14x1.75 20x2.35/2.50 22X1.75/2.125 16X2.125 26X1-1/2X1-5/8
16x1.75 24x2.35/2.50 20X1.75/2.125 12X2.125 24X1.50
18x1.75 26x2.35/2.50 18X1.75/2.125 26X2X1-3/4 26X1.50
20x1.75 28x1 1/2 16X1.75/2.125 24X2X1-3/4 12X1.75/2.125
22x1.75 26x2x1 3/4 14X1.75/2.125 20X2X1-3/4
24x1.75 27x1 3/8



Cereal Bar Machine is used to produce cereal bar, muesli bar, muesli bar, and other snacks bar. The shapes and sizes can be various by changing the molds, like square, round, ball, triangle, heart, etc.

1. The shapes can be round, cylindrical, square, semi round, triangular and blossom, etc.

2. Mechanical pressing & rubbing, does not hurt nuts, without waste.

3.Mechanical driving, accuracy positioning, upper and nether moulds tight fit, makes super cereal bar shaping.

4.Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.

5. Moulds and hopper are both non-sticky processed. All the parts may contacts food are all non-toxic material, oil and high temperature resistance.

6. Cooling conveyer can be customized as demand.

DRC-55 and DRC-65

cereal bar machine 1

cereal bar mold

Cereal Bar Machine

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