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  • Product Name:  FullyAutomaticT-shirtBagmakingMachine
  • Model NO.:  SHXJ-B1
  • Product Details:  FullyAutomaticT-shirtBagmakingMachine



 The aircraft suitable for the production of low-voltage high-vest bag (supermarket bag), pocket-ping (garment bag, Xiedai), a one-time medical bags, sanitary napkins, and other bags

 (Points off the production of plastic bags could be another increase in the rolling machines and dual-use equipment knife point above).

 And the performance characteristics of

 1, the whole computer using computer-controlled, stepper motor expected to drag (with optional servo motor control system).
 2, any fixed-length, step electro-optical tracking, accurate and smooth, lost S automatic shutdown, feed use photoelectric control.
 3, and can be set automatically count any number of alarm.
 4, automatic temperature so that the pocket Seal firm formation.

 The main technical parameters

Model SHXJ-500B1 SHXJ-600B1 SHXJ-700B1 SHXJ-800B1
Maximum width of the system 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm
The largest cut the length of 999mm 999mm 999mm 999mm
Production capacity of 30~140/min 30~140/min 30~140/min 30~140/min
The total power 3.3kw 3.5kw 3.7kw 4.3kw
Machine weight 800kg 900kg 1000kg 1100kg
Size 3300*940*1600mm 3300*1040*1600mm 3300*1140*1600mm 3300*1240*1600mm