Stainless Steel Manual Global Valve

Model NO.: YJ
Standard: DIN, GB, ANSI, BSW, JIS
Type: Yj-L, Yj-T
Trademark: YUY
Specification: GMP, CE
Origin: China
HS Code: 8481804090

sanitary pneumatic( manual ) globe valve/stop valve/ gate valve
HS Code:8481804090
The valves are used in automation and contronl systems to control the pressure, flow, level,t emperature and the tank level.
2.Working principle:
The pneumatic stop valve can convert the energy generated by compressed the air to mechanical energy ,the merchanical energy can drive the stem axial movement , therefore mover the sealing components in drfferent places,then can contronl the open or close of the mouth of pipe , then achieve the purpose of change the direction of medium or keep the midum stay.
The manual stop valve sery operated by manual handle ,and ultimate purpose is to change the direction of the medium or keep the medium stay.

3.Technical datasheet:
I)  New-style sanitary stop/switch valves possess more improved saftey.clearance.durability and appearance .
II) Having open supporter which separates the pneumatic actuator and valve body ,check the shaft seal directly .This design separates the gearing and the products parts,prevents the heat transfer from valve body to pneumatic device .
III) "NC"and "NO"functions can be instantly switched .
IV)  Spherical valve body have ideal fluidity and clearance .
V)  Dealing with material becomes much milder .
VI)  Standard valve body design makes the joint style more flexible and various .
VII)  Metal stop mechanism assures the long life of the seal .
VIII)  Quick convenient assemble and maintainance operation .
material contact Steel parts:      Stainless steel 304 or316L
valve core seal selection:a)soft seal:     EPDM. (standard)
                                                               SILICON,FDM, HNBR(CHOOSE).
                                               b)metal seal
Sealings:         Excellent acid proof, alkali proof and high temperature performance. little degree of permanent  compression deform.
Investment forging valve plug: Pressure durability less than 1.2MPA,  metallographic structure beeter than casting ones.
Appareant design: Keep updated with international fashion style.
Cost performance: Impor substituted, cost saved and reiableoperation.
6.Connection types:
Screw or threaded
welded - srew
To assure the connection and substitution with imported facilities, all the connecton styles withe pipe or equipment are made to DN11850, IDF / ISO, SMS 3A  international standard size.
DIN:    DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100
3A:        3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4"
SMS:   19, 25, 32, 38, 51, 63, 76, 89, 102 
ISO:    ?19, ?25, ?32, ?38, ?51, ?63, ?76, ?89, ?102,

Surface treatment 
        surface treatment :sandblasting Ra≤1.6um
                                            cast sub-light Ra≤0.6um
        inside surface treatment:polishing Ra≤0.6um
8.Operation Type:
Manual:                         lever or duck-billed
Pneumatic actuator:    stainless teel or plastic with control box or not.
Electric actuator:         sigle action or double action
9.Features of Pneumatic actuator:
Normally opened : the spring is OPEN and pneumatic OFF
Normally closed:the spring is OFF and pneumatic OPEN
With signal feedback inductive proder / sensor for option
Compact appearance, small volume, large torgue
Simple and convenient assembly
10.Technical Parameter:
OD Range:                            DN25~ DN200, 1"~ 8"
Anti-pressure:                       10Bar
Compressed Air supply:        MIN:4 BAR,    MAX:8BAR
Pneumatic Actuator torgne: 40Nm
Finishing degree:
              Cutting: Ra1.5 ~ 3.2um
              Polish:  Ra0.4~ 0.8um
 11.Specifications of  Sanitary globe Valve:
1.Diameter of the globe valve:
a) manual sanitary globe valve:

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