Shanghai Diesel and Shanghai Yiyi jointly hold product promotion activities

Recently, the “Red Rock Trucks, Shanghai Diesel Engine Core—Concentricity, Peer, and Win” product promotion activities jointly organized by SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. were held in Shanghai. The sales policy for the upgraded version of the 2014 new King Kong dump truck was accompanied by the sales policy of the E-series heavy duty commercial vehicle engine.

According to Jiang Kai, general manager of Shangchai, the launch of 10L and 12L E-series products is a product that exceeds the strict requirements of millions of kilometers of high-temperature, alpine and plateau assessments and uses. All the indicators are leading domestic similar products. Synchronizing international standards is a high-quality commercial vehicle engine built on the manufacturing standard of passenger cars. It is believed that the perfect match with Shang Yihong New King Kong will bring users high efficiency and high return value.

According to Cao Zongqiang, general manager of Shang Yihong Sales Division, the upgraded version of the 2014 new King Kong Construction Dump Truck with the E-series of the Diesel E-Series is a very competitive and differentiated product.

At the exchange symposium, some users' representatives made use of the experience of the Shanghai Diesel E-Series engine. Shang Yihong dealers have expressed that through the on-the-spot investigation into Shangchai, they did feel a great change in Shangchai. They believed that with the excellent design of the E series, the production quality of automatic intelligent control, excellent engine performance, and precision Product positioning and sales strategies will be more confident in promotion and use.

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