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Plastics processing aid-PPA Introduction [2010-07-15]

A) PPA’s basic performance, plastic processing aid-PPA
      (1) automatically speed up the production of blown film or a rolling speed, improve equipment productivity, lower power consumption per unit of production and related management costs. PPA can not change the blown film, rolling equipment, the original process conditions, equipment, production capacity can automatically increase 7-12%. The main power without increasing consumption and the increase of screw speed of Electrical and circumstances, the capacity can be further increased to 10-15%.
(2) a substantial reduction from the blown film or calendering process arising from the crystal points, including the human eye can not be directly observed by the tiny crystal points, therefore, can greatly reduce the fine print caused by the crystallization point of the “white point. ”
(3) can significantly improve various types of blown film or calendered membranes of the surface roughness, especially in the optical microscope shown in the micro smoothness, so the transparency of various types of membrane material, printing ink brightness, fine print outlets uniformity, fine sense of both the level of printing is improved.
(4) Elimination of transmission by the die parts or equipment on the membrane surface caused by the longitudinal drag marks, including the human eye in ordinary light are difficult to see, to be under high-intensity light source can clearly see the longitudinal drag marks.
(5) can reduce the die temperature of 10-15 ℃. Reduce the die temperature, for processing all kinds of high-performance PE materials have an important significance. As the high-performance PE materials melt viscosity, so processing of multiple use of the higher die temperature in order to obtain a higher degree of smoothness membranes. Die temperatures are high, the body of the blown film bubble Wen significant qualitative impact. Especially in the summer, because the cooling air, Central air temperature higher, further affect the foam body Wen characterization. So, it is blown directly limit the rate of increase. PPA can reduce the die temperature of 10-15%, therefore, can improve the general equipment, raw materials for processing various types of high-performance PE foam body Wen characterized, in order to increase production speed, provide a guarantee of processing conditions.
(6) to improve various types of blown film, calendered membrane thickness uniformity and thickness of Wen characterization. Membrane thickness uniformity and Wen qualitative in ensuring the quality of fine print to ensure the reliability and strength of plastic bag sealing of a uniform, multi-layer co-extruded shrink film for ensuring the physical expansion of the bubble uniformity and fine print patterns in Canada Shrink after the proportional shrinkage, there has been significant.
(7) to make additions and metallocene catalyst mLLDPE of the membrane, with uniform sealing fastness, so that the line to the fastness of sealing reliability guarantees the added amount of metallocene catalyst mLLDPE be physical and chemical control to multivesicular body Wen qualitatively improved. PPA can improve the mixing of different ingredients melt melt index of plastics, mLLDPE melt viscosity at high shear rate than ordinary occasions, and with the Ziegler (Ziegler – Natta) catalysts produced by PE high, not only multivesicular body Wen qualitative decline in extruder backpressure and make up the main motor torque increase. High shear rate is a new generation of high-speed film blowing, high-speed multi-layer co-extruded blown film or a rolling device characteristics. Some plastic bag factory in the interest of high-speed membrane sealing effect, often by adding the amount of metallocene-catalyzed mLLDPE transferred to the high side, not only to increased production costs, and the PE melt process conditions worse. PPA after use the above types of process issues can be significantly improved. Plastic Processing Aid-PPA

        (B) plastic processing aid-PPA PPA use additives to ensure a good dispersion, PPA masterbatch form to join. Using the method, is divided into two phases: Phase I ─ established high-tech coating the metal surface. This phase is to be fully functional additive PPA has played an important operation. 5% masterbatch with the preparation of accession to the amount of LLDPE / LDPE raw materials mixed uniformly continuous blown 60 minutes. According to experience, at this stage, it is possible because the PPA began to blow molding equipment, the establishment of lubrication layer of the steel surface will adhere to steel surfaces in the past large numbers of “crystallization point” or impurity “rid”, and continued to blow with the membranes or rolling out of the plastic. Therefore some of the more old-fashioned film blowing machine or rolling equipment, when used at the beginning, you may find a large number of crystal points appeared in the membrane surface. This is completely normal. According to a lot of use of experience, not previously used PPA auxiliary equipment, blown film, or rolling, about 72 hours after the use of the equipment was basically clean, PPA’s performance is fully play. ─ the second phase of the normal production. Production phase is expected to join the normal capacity of the mother or the rolling of the PE for blown plastic materials about 1% of the total weight, depending on the film blowing or calendering line speed (m / min), membrane thickness, blown film die, or rolling equipment gap width of the die wall smoothness, raw materials combined state and other practical circumstances. Plastic Processing Aid-PPA

       (C) plastic processing aid-PPA PPA for the multi-layer co-extruded film of accession methods to discuss multi-layer co-extruded film is a high-quality packaging films mainstream. At the same time, most of the multi-layer co-extruded film for the fine print. Therefore, the multi-layer co-extruded film for the printing of micro-smoothness of the surface, the crystallization point of the human eye can see content of the human eye can not see the point of content of membranes of microcrystalline quality control in the printing of the important elements. In addition, the transparency of multi-layer co-extruded film, but also one of the elements of quality control. For some users to improve the micro-printing surface smoothness and a significant reduction in the surface of the crystal point for printed content, just add the PPA for the printing of the surface processing aids, although to receive good results, but improving Membrane transparency and increase production speed of both is invalid. Therefore, the user if required to improve the transparency of multi-layer co-extruded membrane, if the membrane solely by the olefin type of material (PE, PP) formed, it is recommended for each layer are added PPA. Actual production confirmed that in the PPA each layer are added, the membranes of the layer improved the smoothness, so the overall transparency of the membrane is improved. (D) Production Costing (1) To lower power consumption, increase production capacity to enable enterprises to manage costs. (2) the production of high-quality products, so that waste time decreased. (3) increasing the proportion of LLDPE used to reduce cost of raw materials. (4) using a high-melting means the tensile LLDPE, can film thinning. To sum up the situation, using PPA not only increase costs, but also enabled a comprehensive cost reduction products. (V) the safety of PPA on the PPA in the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the test requirements, it is absolutely safe. The use of PPA by blowing or pressing of the various types of membrane, can be used in drug or food packaging.