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Plastic machinery manufacturers around the country list [2010-07-19]

1. Pingyang Kaida Packing Machinery Factory – Professional production of plastic machine, bag making machine, film blowing machine, laminating machine 2. Yuhua Lu Qingdao Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. – production of plastic machinery, and to undertake all kinds of plastic mold and the species of the production of plastic machinery parts and supplies. 3. Plastics Machinery Industry Association of China – China Plastic Machinery Association currently has 251 member units, such as by gross industrial output value, sales, profits, profits and the calculation of product variety, member units coverage are more than 90%. 4. Yuyao City Machine Co., Ltd. – Company after years of effort, forming a variety specification is complete, functioning system of advanced products and technology. Company mainly engaged in import and domestic boutique machine tools. Products with all kinds of plastic machinery, metal cutting machine tools, electric machines and so on. Located in: Yuyao 5. Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. – Main products: 15 g 15 g vertical and horizontal injection molding machine lying machine, horizontal injection molding machine 40 grams, pencil machine dedicated full hydraulic injection molding machine. Located in: Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, 6. Fuxin Hydraulic Component Factory – Production of high, medium pressure gear pumps, vane pumps, automobile power steering pump, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, a total of more than 20 varieties, thousands of specifications are widely used in construction machinery, plastic machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, machine tool, mining, automotive and other hydraulic systems. Located in: Liaoning Province, Fuxin City, 7. Wuhan Plastic Machinery General Factory – hollow extrusion machinery and machine. 8. Zhangjiagang Second Light Machinery Factory – producing the "Great Wall" series of plastic machinery, main products (single or double screw) extruder, high speed mixer, drying machine, automatic feeding machine, temperature control, fragmentation, Plastic Granulator, pipe , profiles and other complete sets of production line equipment. Nine. Cixi Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co. – This company is specialized in manufacturing plastic machinery business, the ups and downs through the course of twenty years and struggle to form a "Divine" as the brand of plastic extrusion machines and equipment. Products all over the country, and exported to the United States, Britain, Japan, Southeast Asia and many other countries. 10. Wenzhou Canton Bank of China Group Co., Ltd. – Production of construction machinery, road machinery, plastic machinery, wire drawing machines and printing presses and other income. 11. Zhongshan Huahui Machinery Factory – production of plastic extrusion machines, plastic granulator and other mechanical equipment. Of 12. Changzhou Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. Chong Cheng – Production of plastic circular loom, drawing machine and a professional aluminum composite pipe manufacturer. Located at: 13, Wujin, Jiangsu Province. Zhoushan China Plastic Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. – manufacturer of precision screw, twin screw, barrel, double barrel, plastic extrusion machine. 14. Rui'an City, a large ziplock bag Equipment Co., Ltd. – specializes in the design, manufacture, sales ziplock plastic machinery equipment and 15. Shanghai Plastic Machinery Plant – Design, manufacture of plastic injection molding and hollow plastic molding machines and mechanical spare parts 16. Suzhou Light Electric Plastic Machinery Factory – Production of plastic auxiliary equipment manufacturers. 17. Shunde City, Guangdong Fu Plastic Machinery Factory – the production unit and plastic drink straw extrusion line. 18. China Plastic Machinery Net – Plastic Machinery Trading Site 19. Wenzhou Guangming Plastic Machinery Factory – production injection molding machine, plastic machinery. 20. Henan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. – Plastic machinery, electric machinery and auxiliary equipment. 21. Luqiao Jin Qing Plastic Machinery Parts Factory – production of plastic machinery, plastic products manufacturers. 22. Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. – Production of rubber plastic machinery. In: Hunan Yiyang City 23. Zhejiang Pingyang Plastic Machinery General Factory – specializing in the production of various plastic machinery (including circular loom, blown film machine, wire drawing machine, etc.). Located in: Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 24. Fujian Longyan Plastic Machinery Factory – Production of plastic injection molding machines and other plastic disc shoe machinery products or other injection molding machine. Located in: Longyan City, Fujian Province, 25. Tianjin Kinder Company – plastic bags, bag making machine, plastic machinery, the only manufacturer in northern China Ruian City, Zhejiang Dongfeng Plastic Machinery Factory – Main Products: SHXJ-A600 \ \ 7000-based computer-controlled look side seal bag making machine (production OPP) ST-40, 50,60,70 polypropylene film blowing machine rotary die. Located in: Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, 26. Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd – specializing in the production industry to the market range 45-80 double-screw extruder and various ancillary equipment, plastic extrusion single screw series 45-150 the machine and various ancillary equipment. 27. Weifang Gute Machinery Co., Ltd. – Production of plastic machinery, stone processing machinery. Crusher, extrusion machine, stone machine diamond disc saw. 28. Ningbo Plastic Machinery Factory three friends – all kinds of plastic injection molding machine producing a professional manufacturer, which PET special injection molding machine users praise. 29. China Zhejiang Ruian Dongfeng Plastic Machinery Factory – the production of plastic machinery, plastic vest bag unit equipment and flexible packaging equipment. 30. Zhongshan Fengyuan Plastic Machinery Products Co., Ltd – Professional production and sales of automatic packaging machinery, plastic bubble film machinery and products 31. Chen De injection molding Factory – Production of plastic injection molding machines and other machinery, to provide free plastic Information Bulletin, the latest plastic information. 32. Third base in Dalian, China Plastic Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. – the main production, Belling Machine, double wall corrugated pipe, plastic pipe production line, plastic machinery. Located in: Dalian, Liaoning Province 33. Innovative Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. Ruian – production of plastic extrusion machines and spare parts. 34. Zhangjiagang Hua Ming Machinery Co., Ltd. – the main development, production parallel twin-screw extruder, conical twin screw extruder, series single screw extruder, such as plastic machinery products. 35. Wuxi City Jiangnan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. – production of "Lion Ball" brand plastic machinery and ancillary equipment. Located at: 36, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Weifang City Plastic Machinery Factory – specializing in the production of plastic machinery and mold the cloud card. 37. Tianjin Rubber Machinery co, Ltd. – engaged in rubber and plastics machinery development and production. 38. Weida Machinery Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shen – production and sales of cutting machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery. 39. Shantou rapid presses Manufacturing Co., Ltd. – Main production: plastic woven, wire, film, sheet material, sheet, film and other plastic machinery unit. Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. – Production of plastic foam board extrusion unit 40. Shandong Arima Group – type extrusion presses and other plastic machinery 41. Machinery Group Corporation, Jiangsu polar bear – the production of plastic machinery, beverage machinery, PVC automatic compounding material production line. Is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. 42. Fangyuan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Hangzhou – production of EPS foam plastic machinery equipment. 43. Iceberg Dalian Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd. – former Dalian Rubber Plastic Machinery Factory, the production of various rubber and plastic machinery. Located in: Dalian, Liaoning Province 44. Jiangsu Co., Ltd., as – production of various types of cylinder, four matching, plastic machinery, printing machinery, petroleum machinery. Located in Nantong City, 45. Hengtong Machinery (Group) Company – Plastic machinery, cable machinery, fiber optic, cable, electrical machinery, plastics, machinery, wire drawing machine, copper wire, circular loom, plastic composite pipe, complete sets of equipment.