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Plastic Packaging Machinery [2009-12-09]

Plastic Packaging Machinery is widely used in modern industry, and Plastic Packaging Machinery has many advantages. Here are the functions and advantages of the Plastic Packaging Machinery. 1. Overcomes the errors caused by the friction of the fly-wheels, transaction gears and fan-type gears. Avoids the disadvantage of easy-damaged of the gears. 2. Increase productivity greatly, electrical power saved and less space occupation. 3. By using the cluth & break system and break position setting unit, the productivity is 120 bags/min for bags of film thickness of 0.008mm to 0.1mm, bag length less than 15", the tolerance is within 2mm. 4. Take-off conveyer starts moving and delivering the bag blocks to the preset position. By adding an blown unit can help the organization of the bag packing in order to increase productivity. 5. Photo cell control for the feeding function to ensure tensionless sealing. 6. Special knife ensure easy adjustment and durability. 7. Easy change for the sealing knife of vest bag processing. 8. Blocking unit can be equipped. 9. Can process bag of two different sizes, printed, lengths and thicknesses. 10. Photo cell for printed films can be added for making the printed bag precisely.