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Middle Sealing, Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine [2009-11-24]

Middle sealing, three side sealing bag making machine (dual-use type)

 It structured, easy to operate, a high degree of automation applied to the production of all kinds of plastic - plastic, paper - plastic, paper - the paper has composite, is sealed in a variety of bags, Seal bag trilateral ideal equipment bag.

 And the performance characteristics of:
  1, using machine-level industrial control computer control system for matching step.
  2, all the parameters by the CRT display real-time, pre-speed bag, bag length, temperature, Count, such as product delivery.
  3, LPC auto-correction, double-electro-optical tracking
  4, focused on computer-controlled temperature. 
  5, while expected to close auto-blowing devices to eliminate static electricity.
  6, the whole point of centralized lubrication systems refueling
  7, host of Frequency Control of imports.