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Bag Making Machine Can Significantly Reduce Packing Costs [2010-07-09]

Better Packages offers a rugged poly bag making machine for creating on-demand poly bags, the Better Bagger 900e.

Depending upon the needs of the user, the cost of making the exact number of on-demand, custom poly bags with the Better Bagger 900e can average 50 percent less than the cost of purchasing minimum quantities of pre-made polyethylene bags.

Better Packages carries a full line of rolled poly tubing, including clear, black and pink anti-static styles and new metallic static shield poly tubing, available exclusively from Better Packages. When used with the Better Bagger 900e, Better Packages Poly Tubing can be cut and sealed to create poly bags from 2 inches up to 8 inches wide and up to 99 inches long for a multitude of applications and needs. The Better Bagger 900e can also be customized to enable users to produce custom polyethylene bags in lengths up to 240 inches. The combination of the Better Bagger 900e and Better Packages Poly Tubing results in a system that can produce bags to satisfy over 80 percent of marketplace poly bag requirements.

Manufacturers of electrical components, computer components, printed circuit boards and cell tower components use the Better Bagger 900e and Better Packages Poly Tubing to produce bags in the exact size and quantities needed. Manufacturers can eliminate the need to order pre-made poly bags in bulk, thus reducing waste and inventory cost. This bag-making method also does away with the need to manually cut poly tubing with a blade or scissors, which can jeopardize workforce safety.

For more information on the Better Bagger 900e and the full line of Better Packages poly tubing products, and to learn about special pricing on the Better Bagger 900e during the month of August, visit

About Better Packages

Better Packages, founded in 1917 and headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, since 1924, is the worlds leading manufacturer of water-activated tape dispensers used for carton sealing. The company also offers poly bag making machines, case sealers, pressure-sensitive tape dispensers, and a full line of dispenser accessories. Its products are sold and serviced in the United States and in 20 countries worldwide. Its systems are used whenever security, strength, efficiency, productivity and a professional image are needed. For more information, please visit