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Stretch Film Making Machine

  • Product Name:  Stretch Film Making Machine
  • Model NO.:  RSC-55*2
  • Product Details:  Stretch Film Making Machine

 Stretch film making machine
 Main characteristic of the machine:
 1. It profits advanced technology from aboard and manufacture by absorption, improvement, innovation.
 2. It is entire frequency conversion control, movement stable, highly effective and the low energy consumption.
 3. The product adopts the craft of one time forming.
 4. It can produce two-side sticks for stretching film.
 5. The special side material rollout element by round-trip.

 Unit introduction:
 This series unit is mainly used in producing the polyethylene plastic film for unidirectional stretch (stretching film, twines membrane) as well as fresh film. The film can achieve
 the effect which is one-side and two-side sticks. Therefore it applies in building material, hardware fitting packing widely. The screw of unit adopts 38CRNOALA alloy steel. It manufactured by nitric and precise processing so that it is highly hardness and durable long time. Temperature controls adopts advanced automatic control system and the T mold adopts the multi- spots adjustment. They could cause the film thickness to be evener. The cooling system adopts the circulating water cool and it cooling effect is good. The rollout installment adopts the friction type of rollout and has the cutting edge installment and side material rollout element by round-trip. This causes the film which rollout to be neater.

 Main Technical Parameter:

Mode RSC55*2 double-side sticky
Screw diameter 55mm
L/D ratio 28:1
Extruder driving power 11kw
Auxiliary driving power 1.5kw
Electric heating 20kw
Output 15-50kg/h
Film width 600mm
Film thickness 0.01-0.5mm
Rollout diameter 400mm
Installed capacity 35kw