China High speed automatic bag making machine (three-side, zipper),High speed automatic bag making machine (three-side, zipper) M...
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High speed automatic bag making machine (three-side, zipper)

  • Product Name:  High speed automatic bag making machine (three-side, zipper)
  • Model NO.:  600UF
  • Product Details:  High speed automatic bag making machine (three-side, zipper)

 High speed automatic bag making machine ( three-side, zipper )

 Application scope

 Material: various compound films
 Roll folding:  max width: 1250mm.max diameter: 600mm.
 Auxiliary material: max width: 160mm max diameter: 600mm.

 Bagging speed: 160 parts/min(mechanical design speed),approx.40m/min
 Bagging width: 400mm (max)
 Bagging length: 50~1920mm,When the set program is above 320mm,it will automatically change into multiple conveyances.
 Notes: The actual operation speed will reduce for the reason of difference of the bag type and material.

 Warping mode
 Fabrication: put the warp beam horizontally, with V fold support, and pneumatic lock.
 Control: tension is automatically controlled by swimming roller, magnetic powder brake, displacement sensor etc.

 Driving mode
 Feeding traction: driven by AC servomotor.
 Upper & lower sealing press: driven by AC servomotor.

 Temperature:0~300 contact-free automatic control, CRT displaying
 Automatic count: presetting is available.
 Conveyance of finished bag: conveyance quantity is available.
 Punching device: time can be preset, continuous or interval punching is available
 Working mode: printing, non-printing.
 Mode of multiple conveyances: twice to six times conveyance.
 Measurement for length: distance between color scales can be measured photo electrically.
 Message alert lost of photo electricity, lost of temperature, warping alarm,servo motor alarm and auto-switch off the machine.

 Electricity-use configuration
 Feeding driving AC motor: 1.0 kW*3~3.0kw
 Upper & lower driving AC motor: 4.0kw*1~4.0kw
 Warping traction motor: 0.75kw*1~0.75kw
 Side heat seal device: 4.8kw*51~24.0kw
 Lateral heat seal device: 4.0kw*2~8.0kw
 Plastic Middle-seal::0.09kw*2~0.18kw
 Control system and others:3kw
 Gas pressure:0.6MPa(6kgf/cm2)
 Cooling water :Approx.15L/min
 Gross weight of equipment:Approx.7000kg

 Control mode
 Adopts the industrial control equipment, domestic displayer.
 Adopts multiple photoelectric controls.