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Raw material

1) Rolling welded steel pipe: ? 8 ×0.71 , with wall thickness 0.7
2) low carbon steel wire ?1.4
- ?1.6
3) Bracket: Steel plate(SPCC) thickness: 0.6
- 0.9


Structure 1: evaporator for single temperature control system (Single-capillary evaporator)
Structure 2: evaporator for double temperature control system (Double-capillary evaporator)
Structure 3: evaporator for three way temperature control system (Three-capillary evaporator)

Key process

Tube bending, Welding, Mono shelf assemble, Assembly welding, Leakage test, Cleaning, Coating, Inspection, Packing

Technical standards

Wire pitch: 5 ? , can produce according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients, also can help the clients design and produce different evaporators.


1 ) Surface treated with electrophoresis or powder painting to prevent the corrosion
) Inner cleanness can meet the requirements of R134a & CFC cooling system.
) Can satisfy the cooling capability requirements.


3.0million sets per year (9000 sets per day).

R134a Cooling System Tube Inside Standards

Linear measure



0.047B 2

Residual moisture

5 ? /100cm3

Residual impurity

10 ? /100cm3

Residual mineral oil

100 ? /100cm3

Residual chlorine


Residual paraffin

3 ? / ?

Specification of E-coating

Coating thickness

  thickness of Anodic electrophoresis coating 18 - 22 μ m;
  thickness of cathodic electrophoresis coating 15 - 20 μ m;
  thickness of wire-tube evaporator powder coating:60 - 300μ m

Hardness of coating


Impact of coating

50cm?kg/cm impact, no crack

Adhesion of coating

two grade

Flexibility of coating

Around R=3D bend 180?, no crack or no fall off

Color tolerance of powder painting

Δ E 1.5

Corrosion resistant
(Salt spray GB2423)

  Anodic electrophoresis coating 24h;
  Cathodic electrophoresis coating 72h;
  Powder paining200h