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wire on tube condenser

  • Product Name:  wire on tube condenser
  • Product Details:  wire on tube condenser


Raw material

  Rolling welded steel tube: ? 4.76 - ? 6.35 ×0.71 ,
  Low carbon steel wire O.D1.4 - 1.6mm
  Bracket: steel plate(SPCC) thickness 0.6 - 2.0
Steel plate : SPCC thickness 0.6
- 0.8


  Flat type of wire on tube condenser used at the back;
  Bended or spiral type of wire on tube condenser used at the bottom;
  Wrapped type of tube embed on plate

Key process

Tube Bending, Welding, Fix the bracket, Weld the suction tube, Leakage test, Cleaning, Coating, (Folding or bending to shape), Inspection, Packing

Technical standards

Wire pitch 5
Can produce according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients, also can help the clients design and produce different condensers.


  Surface with electrophoresis coating to prevent the corrosion.
  Inner cleanness can meet the requirement of R134a & CFC cooling system
  Can satisfy the cooling capability requirements.


2.5 million sets per year (8000 sets per day)

R134a Cooling System Tube Inside Standards

Residual moisture

5 /100cm3

Residual impurity

10 /100cm3

Residual mineral oil

100 /100cm3

Residual chlorine


Residual paraffin

3 /

Biggest single impurity


Specification of E-coating

Coating thickness

  thickness of Anodic electrophoresis coating 18 - 22 μ m;

  thickness of cathodic electrophoresis coating 15 - 20 μ m;

thickness of wire-tube evaporator powder coating:60 - 300μ m

Hardness of coating


Impact of coating

50cm?kg/cm impact, no crack

Adhesion of coating

two grade

Flexibility of coating

Around R=3D bend 180?, no crack or no fall off

Color tolerance of powder painting

Δ E 1.5

Corrosion resistant
(salt spray GB2423)

  Anodic electrophoresis coating 24h;
  Cathodic electrophoresis coating 72h;