Daily failure of swing arm garbage truck

Swing arm type garbage truck is now relatively new type of machinery as sanitation in the vehicle, and is mainly designed to better adapt to sanitation work. During the sanitation and handling of environmental sanitation, it is also favored by many sanitation workers. It also plays an important role in carrying out garbage operations. Although the function of the vehicle is relatively good, it must have reasonable maintenance and maintenance before it can play the maximum performance of the vehicle. Then simply introduce some simple arm-type garbage truck repair methods for everyone's reference:

1. The vacuum representation of the swing arm garbage truck requires the driver to pay more attention to it. If there is no display value or the vacuum implied value is low, this type of situation will happen, and it should be the suction pipe. Part of the rice flour is not tight, or the pump impeller gap is too large, or there is a vacuum table is damaged, then you need to test the vacuum table swing arm garbage truck , or have to be replaced .

2. When there is a vehicle with less suction or abnormal suction, a step-by-step troubleshooting is required. First, check whether the oil in the oil pump of the hem arm garbage truck is normal, whether the depth of the oil suction pipe exceeds the standard height and whether there is any abnormality between each ventilation valve. If the oil in the oil pump is not enough, it must be done in time. Raise.

3, swing arm garbage truck to have a better use, then you need to have a very good maintenance. The vehicle's engine and chassis must be maintained and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. It is not possible to dismantle the engine and the chassis privately to avoid unnecessary trouble in future maintenance.

4. If there is an abnormal ringing in the arm-type garbage truck power take-off box, the first step to be taken into consideration is whether the vehicle's air pressure is not insufficient or the power box is not upshifted. If the power box is not connected to the upper gear, the negative air path will not be sealed tightly.

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