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bounding evaporator

  • Product Name:  bounding evaporator
  • Product Details:  bounding evaporator

一.The index of cleanliness of non-CFC refrigerating medium:Residual moisture20mg/m2 ,residual impurities30mg/m2 ,residual mine oil7mg/m2,cholorineion0.3mg/m2 ,paraffin0.2mg/m2.
二.Quality indexes of coating:
1.Thickness of coating:flat plate powder spraying:60-80um;
2.Anti impact of coating:50kg/cm, no crack and no failing off;
3.hardess of coating:
4.Binding force:reach to 1st standard;(space rowing method)
6.Toughness:wind it aroud 3D core wheel shaft, no crack and no falling off;
7.Corrosion resistant:HG/T2006-91,GB/T1771-91,power spraying and painting 400 hours, no rustiness.


 Main raw products

 Ø6-Ø10 copper pipe aluminum pipe,T0.5-T0.8 aluminum plate.

 Structure form

 Glue the copper pipe or aluminum pipe and aluminum plate together under the head of the mucous membrane.

 Heat exchange way and its properties

 Refrigerating mediumpipe of evaporatoraluminum plate. It can be disinged in accordance with the structure of different factories and can meet the requirements of -18 for freeze and -2-4.

 Surface treatment

 Unglued aluminum plate with double-stick adhesive tape or powder spraying.

 Inner quality

 No leakage.It can meet the requirements of inner cleanliness of CFC refrigerating medium and non-CFC refrigerating.


 Main used as froze type.refrigerated type or the type with froze and refrigerated together.Size and specification have no limit.