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Low-voltage high-blown film unit

  • Product Name:  Low-voltage high-blown film unit
  • Model NO.:  SJ-G45 (50,55)
  • Product Details:  Low-voltage high-blown film unit

 Low-voltage high-blown film unit
 SJ-G45 (50,55)

 The unit applies to blowing high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic film, widely used in food, clothing, textiles, daily necessities and industrial supplies, such as people's Packaging. After formulation of raw materials can be produced Pearl membrane, membrane degradation.
 1. Screw, alloy steel bowl using 38CRMOALA, precision machining and processing nitrogen from, high hardness, corrosion resistance strong, and durable.
 2. Dies chrome-plated hardware, the pivot-helix structure, the molten material out of uniform, blowing a good finish of the film: air-cooled unit for the maze-type structure, a uniform air flow. Traction-lifting device can be used according to different process requirements regulating take-off and landing.
 3. Installations in take-up pressure on the rolling friction or rolling center, used motor torque regulation, to close formation volume, volume for convenience.
 Technical parameters:
 Model SJ-45 SJ-50 SJ-55
 Screw diameter ï¿  45mm ï¿  50mm ï¿  55mm
 Screw the aspect ratio of 30:1 (L / D) 30:1 (L / D) 30:1 (L / D)
 Screw speed 10-120 rpm 10-120 rpm 10-120 rpm
 Die specifications 60,80,120 60,80,160 120,160,200 \ 220
 Single thickness of the products 0.003-0.12mm 0.003-0.12mm 0.003-0.12mm
 Discount products increase the width of 600mm 800mm 1000mm, 1200mm
 The main electrical power 11kw 13kw 15kw
 Heating power 14.3kw 16kw 18kw
 Production of 20-35kg / h 20-40kg / h 25-50kg / h
 Whole power ≈ 1.8T ≈ 1.9T ≈ 2T
 Size (L X W X H) 4500 X 2300 X 4200mm 4500 X 2500 X 4200mm 4500 X 2700 X 4200mm